Thursday, 26 May 2011

I'm sorry

I'm really sorry for not posting for a long long time. I have had many ideas what to post but moving out into temporary apartment is really frustrating and time-consuming. The case is that first I was moving into apartment next to beach and woods. Beautiful area but some problems occured in the apartment. Then I had to run around the city to find suitable apartment. No luck :P
Now my friend offered her own apartment, since she is going abroad tomorrow and I can live in her apartment for next 3 months :) Yey! It really bought me some extra time to find apartment that I like and location is great! 10 mins away from gym, 15 min away from family, 20 mins away from beach!! :D Also it takes only 25 min to go to work! ;) Perfect!
Also reason why I havent posted anything(in addition of being soo busy) it's because at the moment everything is packed away so I can't find all the clothes I want to show to you guys and my diet is been horrible. I decided that during summer I will eat a lot more fruits, since I love them a lot and during summer it's just perfect meal for being so light and tasty :) But diet has been like this:
Breakfast - oatmeal with strawberries
Lunch - apple
Snacks I totally have forgot to eat.
Dinner - Chicken with rice or creamy mushroom soup.
In this hurry I forget to eat and I don't feel hungry during summer because warm weather somehow makes me feel bloated. (weird?) Forgetting to eat is really really bad. Nobody should ever do that. It has far more downsides in it than anything good.
I haven't loosed any weight due the fact that stress causes me to eat constantly something :P So I have pretty much eaten all the cookies and chocolates I had stored for a bad day. Until I bought salty peanuts and started eating those. Even stress can't make me eat those more than few. It's not that they taste bad. Theyre delicious. It's just the salt that prevents me from eating too much.
I can't wait to get rid of this moving part and start to enjoy the summer! :) I have started biking a lot and it's a great way to get tan too. Oh soon I get to go to beach, picnics, feed ducks and squirrels and have lots of fun! Now we just need more of those sunny days and less of those fake days. I hate those. You can see its a sunny day but once you get out it's cold and windy! :(
Once I have moved into my friends apartment, I'll try to work everything out and then I'll share more of my diet and clothes etc :) Since during summer nothing beats fruit/berry smoothies that replace meals and taste great ^^