Thursday, 30 June 2011

My body disgusts me.

This is often how EVERY woman feels. Atleast at some point in our lives we feel like this. Usually overweighted people think that they are only one thinking like this. But they are wrong!
When I was 1 size smaller(I was at my "best" shape back then), I always felt like there's a lot needed to change in my body. I want smaller bum, bigger breast, smaller thighs, smaller belly, simply I want everything to be smaller.
At this point I still see that there's a lot work to do with my body to be happy with it but I have accepted it at the moment. Yes, my belly isn't good enough and bum isn't small enough but hey this is the shape I'm going to have even when I lose the extra weight. I will always have a bit bigger bum(I blame my bones ;) the usual) than what I want. But it's what it is. Same like with personality. I am what I am and so is my bum!
We often look upon all those skinny ppl and think wow, I wanna look like that. But to be really honest the only that makes you attractive is being yourself and accepting yourself as you are. Our insecurity shines through us and that makes us less attractive. And to be really honest, there's nothing beautiful in having a body that has no shapes but only bones. I'm not against skinny people, I'm against unhealthy people. Being unhealthy is ugly. Your skin will lose the beautiful tone and shine and you won't be feeling good about your body either.
When you try to improve your health, you improve everything. But you need to draw a line there too. I love chocolate and all sorts of sweets. No matter how much I wanna live a healthy life, sweets will always be part of my life. Of course I consume a lot less sweets than before but allowing myself to not go nuts about this health thingy.
So instead of thinking that
once I lose this fat that is surrounding my body, I'll be happy

think that
being healthy is all need to be happy.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

I thought I wouldn't be busy but I am :D

I really thought that finally everything will settle down and I can finally continue blogging more often but no. First I had to spend time with family a lot, go to gym and work. And I still don't have internet in my current apartment but it allowed me more time to spend at gym, sunbathing and family.
Internet is addictive for me :P I can spend all day on it. But now I spend a lot of time infront of tv because I found channel which has a lot of interesting stuff for me! "no, I'm not coming to sleep yet, there's documentary about one bridge!" "You seriously going to watch that??" Am I addicted to TV if I rather watch documentary about bridge and go to work while being really tired? Yeah, I might have a problem :D
Anyways I'm happy now for getting awesome apartment next month and hopefully this constant moving will end now! :))) I'm soo happy!
Oh ye I decided that I could take lots of pictures now that there's constantly sunny and warm outside but I lost charger of my best cam and the other cam's pics are horrible and its way too big to carry with me. The usual. When you need or want something you can't have it :D

How's your summer?