Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Good news everyone,

I failed really really badly while doing my meal. And I blame blue dragon! Eww ewww eww. Holy sh*t, it was bad!!!!!!! Blue dragon is some werid version of asian food ingredients. Not to mention it's expensive compared to hard-to-reach ones!
I don't know why, but cooking has never ever been my thing. I can follow a recipe but rest is just impossible. Making an easy meal is like a rocket science to me -.-
Baking is again another thing. That's where I shine!! I can do anything and come up with my own recipies and they taste delicious!
So here I end my food blog for a long long time! Next time I'm in kitchen is when I'm baking. Cooking well maybe someday I'll do that again.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Today's meal!

Cooked potatoes, fresh cauliflower, fresh broccoli and some butter! Slice potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli to bits or mash them all up. Warm up in microwave and enjoy! yummy yummy^^<3
Why fresh? Because I think they taste better when theyre fresh! Why butter? Because you need some fat in your meals! It's good for you^^ Not to forget that it tastes better too! I don't peel my potatoes because they taste better like this and are healthier!! :)
*Microwave is my best friend! I'm lazy and I hate waiting for my food to get ready! I want it NOW. So I'll my meals are done in about 15 min. I can cook over 15 min but then I have to be doing all the time something or else I get bored and forget about having something in oven and Voila! Burned meal in oven. Yey! I also have succesfully burned my potatoes while cooking them once and that was it! Now I avoid cooking as much I can so it won't happen again.
:'( You can't see the cauliflower since it's in the bottom!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Ghostly week & 2 weeks of soups+smoothies+fruits with Kim Kardashian

Honestly, I feel like i'm a ghost now. I feel like everyting happens around me but I'm unable to join all that activity. So this is a perfect time to try to eat more food that are mostly liquid.
For next about 2 weeks I'll be eating like this:
- breakfast: oatmeal or whole wheat cereals
- snack: banana
- lunch: soup
- snack: apple
- snack: orange
- dinner: smoothie(it's sugar free. just fruits+milk)

Why 2 snacks in a row? Because it's all I can eat at work.
Also I just got myself Kim Kardashian's Fit in your jeans by friday so I'll be doing that as new workout.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Whole wheat noodles meal!


This is delicious and spicy meal. And it's easy to make! What's best about this meal? Well of course it needs only few basic ingredients and with extra ingredients you can make it taste the way you like!

You will need:
- whole wheat noodles (With my noodles there was also package of spices)
- package of spice, but you can use spices you like
- rye bread or rye rusk(I used this time the rusk, since it's all I had :S)

and as extra I used:
- onions
- garlic
- sweet pepper

Why whole wheat and rye?
Well as you might know, I want to have lots fiber in my food. :)

Hope you will enjoy this meal!


I really really want badly Easytones. They are the only shoes, I would die for at the moment. I want to go for a walk and I need shoes. Yes I know I have lots of shoes but I want shoes specifically for walking. *sigh*. Let's hope that someone kind reads this and gives me pressie :P I'm a dreamer but I'm also desperately in need of easytones. x)