Sunday, 23 December 2012


Who is the luckiest person like EVER???!! ME!!!!!
So let's get to that.
I have been working a lot, I have had insomnia for past week, I have been late to work (boss angry, no wonder), phone not working properly, tired, pains, cold. And hey since that wasn't enough my pc been laggy as hell lately and I have had flu now that I got most work ever and no one can replace me! :) YEY!!
Nothing is more fun than 9 hrs at work trying to smile and talk to people while your throat feels like you are swallowing million knives and head feels like balloon full of goo and your nose keeps running like waterfall. I LOVE IT!!!
Also I didn't make to stores I needed to go to before Xmas as they always closed doors right when I got there. :) My perfect luck!
So now gotta go to sleep as I got only 3 hrs to sleep before having to go to work because my pc was too laggy to let me get work finished. So this has been day full of yelling and 15min works extended to 45mins or more... Hurrf*ckingray!

I'll try to post few posts tomorrow before work, I doubt I can make it because I have to bake before leaving home and I got only 2,5hrs to do so :)

So incase there won't be any posts then I wish you all a

Merry f*cking Christmas! I hope you all have a great time!

I know I won't! Tired, sick and no bf here :) Not to mention I can't stand Xmas.....

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Like I said: cleaning = mission impossible.

I did manage to somehow make my apartment decent looking yesterday but today returning from work was such a shocker...

Infamous Jim, a insane sock loving dog, decided to carry all my socks into bed. That's not just a few but whole drawer emptied... Ok so since socks weren't enough, he also decided to take all my legwarmers so whole box of legwarmers has been emptied into bed.....Oh well so since that was done and mommy was still at work, Jim decided that heyyyyy why not take all the shoes into bed too!!! So I came back home, found massive pile of things on bed and Jim looking at me like: "Heyyyyyyy you are back! I'm so glad that you are back! Oh....... by the way that wasn't me. Nope definately not me. I don't know what happened to bed."

So my conclusion is that having clean apartment seems like a distant dream. Whenever I get it cleaned, Jim messes it up again....

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Xmas doggy

Been again extremly busy. I need to bake, sew, prepare things and clean up....while still having to go to work and do unavoidable shoppings! And this all is KILLING me! Well I decided to cheer you guys up and show how much Jim loves gingerbreads that I just made. Silly doggy! I bet he can't wait for xmas. Oh all those presents and yummy food! :)

I disagree thought. I don't like xmas food and not waiting forward for gifts... I'm a true grinch obviously!

Monday, 17 December 2012


So I joined polyvore few days ago. I decided add few budget friendly xmas and new years eve party outfit pieces to make outfits here to share and I wonder what happened. I spend my both day offs on polyvore adding stuff and I'm not even done!!! It's either I got too much of things I like or I'm just extremly slow. :P

But now you know that I haven't vanished but been trying to bring something new and interesting here! While trying to get all ready for my own xmas....... Which is by the way is horrible horrible and massiva pain in the bottom!!!!!

You can find me there >click<!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Do you know what day it is?

It's friday yes. But for me and Jim it's GARLIC-A-TON!<3 Friday always means yummy food with garlic! Well not always but most of the time. Actually we have garlic pretty much daily. But but friday is like dedicated to garlic!  

For past weeks it's been potato chips and garlic dip or salads and garlic dressing. But not today!

Today we had (well Jim just mostly had cauliflower): Hot garlic chicken wings and cauliflower in butter

And this is extremly simple to make! I feel so proud of my amazing cooking skills *cough cough* when eating this<3

All you need is:

- 550g hot wings (gotta cheat when you can!)
- 4 garlic cloves (you can use more or less or not at all if you want to be crazy...)
- 800g cauliflower (not important how much you use but this is how much I had)
- a bit of butter, I used around 3-4 tbsp.
- a bit of salt, I used 1 tbsp (I'm sorry! I love salt so much!)
- ½ cup of water (or else it's too hot for me, you can leave it out :P)

This takes only 30-40mins, depends how organized you are.
And this is a amazing way to make kids eat cauliflower! When mom made me cauliflower with butter first time, I have ever since that loved cauliflower even as a fresh. Thought before it was one of those yuck whats that - things.I gotta admit all 3 kids been fooled with buttered cauliflower. We all eat it now and love it. Gotta love mom, who fooled us so damn well!
Also this is good way to introduce hot food to a kid because the water removes some of the hotness and if you have rice with this chicken, that water will work as a sauce <3 I'm like a kid when it comes to hot food. I can't stand it. But somehow this meal is one of my favourites of selfmade meals. I really make no sense.....

Put chicken into casserole, add the water and squeezed garlic cloves and put it into oven. You can find on chicken package the required heat and how long will it take. Mine was 250c and 20mins. Here's a perfect example how bad I am at these things.. Oh well I doubt I'm only one this bad. Ok fine I hope I'm not only one! Chop the cauliflower into a bit smaller bits and throw them into boiling water. You should have water enough to cover cauliflower. Try with fork once awhile if the cauliflower is soft. Once it's soft put it into bowl that already has a bit of butter with a bit salt. On the top add the rest of butter and salt. Then just mix it till butter is evenly all over the cauliflower and now just wait for the chicken. Once both are ready then tadah that's your meal!

I personally love this meal! You don't really need rice or potatoes or something like that. For me that cauliflower works perfectly. <3

Enjoy whoever dares to make this! :P

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Winter came and I'm probably hibernated

So it's been cold now and dark most of the time and my apartment still looks like Hiroshima happened here. It's an inside joke of how explode it looks here due working a lot and spending all my free time with my loved ones. Sigh. Anyways I been extremly rushy because a lot of things happen now and ofcourse christmas is coming and to be honest, I don't want it to come! It requires sooooooooo much planning and things to do! TERRIBLE! Like I don't have enough things to do anyways. Sharing rest of bought gifts a bit later and now trying to get back on track slowly but doing my best.

So because I been hibernating, I'll share bear-like outfit I had one day for one certain project. And it failed because I apparently live with attention-addicted dog.... Enjoy Jim's photobombings.....

"Really Jim? You really going to ruin this for me?"

"Okay fine, I'll pat you this time and then shoo"

"I told you to shoo, not pose....."

"Great Jim, just get your bottom infront of the camera....."



Jim: Play with me then if no party time!

Jim: Oh camooooon nooooooow let's play!

Jim: Okay then rub my belly<3

"Jim, you gotta be kidding me!"


Jim: I'll just pose with you then.

Jim: Kiss me please... *puppy eyes*

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand *drum roll*


Fur coat: Lip service
Jeans: Salonie

Monday, 26 November 2012

Golden Chain Necklace

I haven't revealed this yet but I LOVE CHAINS! Chain necklaces I think I have the most and then chain bracelets I got just "few"! I love chains! I was so happy when I once got as a gift chain bracelet! It was some cheap made in China(worth probably 0,50-1,50e) but I loved it! And I still love it.
But this is also something I didn't at first like at all despite my chain-love because it reminded me too much of a chains seen on construction side, just in different color. But some celebrities been seen wearing these!

Especially seeing this, I kinda hated it even more. I personally think it look HORRIBLE! Too chunky! Too much! Yuck!

But seeing this one, it was already better but I still don't quite like it! But this is already huge improvement from the one above....

This is the moment I fell for it! It's so classy and yet not too classy! You can use it with any outfit and it will remain stylish! This is when I started to search for one to myself.

BUT this is where the hunt for golden chain link necklace got hard! I didn't know there were this many variations!

There's a DIY how to make it! *clicky clicky*
*Pictures were generously donated by google search :P Clicky!

So as you can see, there's FEW options. I liked the fabric running between chains, the black one seemed nice but would have it rather as golden. Then searching through net stores I stumbled upon this:
Click to buy it!
Fell in love with the bow part<3 So incase I wear this with hair done up(I need bf to do that for me first!) then it would have lovely suprise in the back<3 But ofcourse this ain't perfect for me! As picky as I am I would like a bit thinner and smaller links... So this is my DIY inspiration! :) Gotta search for chains someday!

Ps. Im sorry for being quiet lately few days and not even adding pics to the loading slideshow.... But I have had busy and well bad weekend. Also I'm starting this one new project which takes my time aside from having pile of choirs anyways:/ I'll try to post every 2 days something. Please be patient!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Asos Fashion Finder and outfits

It's been again few breaks since I wrote last time. I been quite busy with many things and when back home, it's too dark to take photos or I look like a zombie.... But today I found this one thing when scrolling around in Asos. I bet this is something everyone has known about and I'm just slow with finding these great things BUT I'm in love with these. There's this fashion finder, where you can make your own outfits with things they got in their database. I love it. I spend whole day today after work doing this.. Because it's been so much fun. And now I can provide outfit pictures without looking like zombie(I again look like zombie today...). So here's outfits I made there. Pictures work as link to the asos site so you can see where to buy things that I chose, so clicky clicky :)

Grey and leopard print combination is something different and yet pretty! :) Also I like that this outfit ain't too leopard but still has kinda a lot of leopard print!
I love that this is classy, girly and yet not too girly. <3
I just love combining gold with many colors and in this case where both burgundy and black are quite dark, the gold makes the outfit more light!

I love all these all outfits and I can imagine myself using these all. How about you? Did you like any of these or they're not your type? Let me know your favourite! :)

Ps. You can expect more of these now that I found this, hehe. Beware ;)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I can't wait to go back

I went to Ukrainia to visit my relatives about 2 years or more ago. It was really pleasant to meet them for first time ever! I got such heartwarming welcome from my relatives there and I loved how Ukrainia looked. I visited Kiev for 2 days and rest of the time I spend with relatives either at their village or nearby city. So just to show you guys that I haven't stopped from blogging, I'm making this post as today I really feel like missing going back there. I have had now few busy days so I didn't have time to take new pictures like I originally planned and because today I was looking at pictures from Ukraine trip, I decided that I might aswell share these then! :)

Food there was great, people were nice and there was so many nice things that I would gladly take home with me! Especially I loved that so full of life marketplace! Markerplaces here are deadly boring. Lack the same amazing exciting feeling.

We spend 2 days in Kiev because that's where our plane arrived. So we spend there a day and then went by train to relatives and on our way back we went back to Kiev for a day! Whole traintrip was during night and I loved it! I love old trains!<3 I'm really mad for old trains.

In this lovely "Old mill" we had amazing meals <3 Totally recommend to anyone who walks by!

Helloo there beautiful<3 Love that train! There's one poor doggy running on trainstation! :/

All buildings there were so beautiful<3

Mom told me that it's still that same boat on which she was as a kid! How amazing is that?

View from that boat

View onto lake or whatever it was from a hill.

"Love Island", it had something to do with couples and love, which I no longer remember :/ Welcome early dementia!

You can't say it isn't pretty place<3

DUCKS! I love ducks!!<3

Sweet sweet memories.


And let's finish this with spooky train's hallway during night ;P 

I hope to go back there some day! I really want to return. Such a lovely place.