Friday, 4 November 2011

Craving for sweets?

I thought I could share a great idea how to satisfy your need of sweets.
Usually craving for sweets occurs when your diet is unhealthy! Atleast that's the reason for me. So I'll share the tips incase this might help someone else.

1. Of course nr.1 tip has always been to get rid of all sweets, but when youre sweettooth like me, that isn't going to stop you! Even if it's stormy day and I ran out of sweets, I'll go to store no matter how impossible the journey would be! Usually I'll just make the puppy eyes to fiance and he will give me his sweets. It works everytime!! But not everyone has fiance who stores a huge amount of sweets or fiance at all.

2. Avoid the sweets in store or go to store right after your meal. Avoiding the sweets doesn't help me at all. And going to store after meal works only if I had healthy meal before it. If I had pizza before going to store, I'll gonna buy lots of sweets!

3. Brush your teeth when craving for sweets or have a gum. Brushing the teeth hasn't helped. No matter how bad the candies have tasted after brushing teeth, I have been still eating sweets. Chewing a gum for awhile has helped. But it isn't healthy to consume 20 gums just because you can't control your sweettooth any other way.

4. Replacing sweets with fruits. This would be a great tip if it worked. It just caused me to eat sweets and fruits.

5. Consuming less or eating slow. Consuming less is not an option to me. But if you consume constantly less you should over time get used to consuming less. Eating slow has never been my thing. I'll swallow chocolate bars as whole. Having little bites would only mean to mean having little bites faster. Maybe I just can't enjoy my sweets?

6. Change sweet chocolates to dark chocolate. For some people this has helped. For me this had no other effect that now I own lots of unopened dark chocolate bars. 70% dark chocolate just doesn't seem to fill my craving for sweets.

7. Eating healthy or small frequent meals(every 3-4h). This has certainly been the best tip ever. Especially doing both of those! Healthy food makes you feel full and frequent meals make sure that your blood sugar doesn't get too low! Also no skipping meals!!!

8. Replace sweets with healthy versions. This is nearly same with replacing sweets with fruits. But for me this works a lot better. Baking some sweets pies myself is great way to make sure your pie doesn't have too much sugar or fat in it! And putting some extra fiber into it makes it more delicious and more satisfying. Also sometimes I make pan-fried bananas. Just frying bananas on pan, makes them a lot sweeter and it is healthier than eating candies. No need to add sugar. Just add some cinnamon and it is divine! It's even still healthy if you add a little of vanilla ice cream with it! Or something I have loved a lot from childhood: semolina porridge made in juice! It's so delicious. My mom and grandma have always made it as a dessert(or why not for breakfast) and it is divine! I can add recipe if anyone is interested. It is easy to make and it's good replacement for sweet. Also eating halva, corn porridge or nougat satisfies my craving. Overally adding a little bit jam into your porridge makes it sweeter and safisfies craving for sweets.
Also for me helps drinking a cup of soy milk a day or few cups of herbal teas(especially mint tea). I have heard that drinking a lot of water reduces the sweet craving, but never tried it myself.

Say NO to artificial sweeteners or diet soda's(and those low-fat products). Those things are bad! Also don't try my tip that I didn't include into the list for it's unhealthyness. I sometimes buy huge packet of chocolate and eated all in one day. Then for next whole week, seeing sweets makes me feel ill. And don't follow a tip that makes you unhappy. Like for me eating 70% dark chocolate wasn't my thing at all. So instead I started to make more often semolina porridge. And now instead graving for chocolate I actually I'm craving for more of semolina porridge!

It's been awhile(as always)

It seems that I'm doing this quite often. Going away for a long long time and then posting few posts and then vanishing again. It's just lately life has felt really really unfair and more confusing than enjoyable.
Waking up every morning is frustating and I feel like hiding from everything. My new school is great. I have nothing against it. Just the whole system is something so disgusting and I have everything against it. I like the school a lot. Compared to earlier one, this one feels like a school where you would wanna go to every morning. But those final exams are just scaring me. A LOT!
Every morning I feel like crying but I keep it to myself. Every evening all that hiding of tears ends in crying and feeling like there is no reason to go on. The exams wouldn't be such a pain in the ass for me if I would had a normal life. Not whole childhood moving from one place to another, without ever learning to use any language properly. Now I'm stuck. I try my best to learn but then I get my essays back and I noticed that all my hard work was a waste of time. Same mistakes done all over again.
Also lately I lost 2 pets, that were dear to me. And my job(which I eventually quitted) wasn't making the recovering from the sorrow any easier. Those pets were my family members and I loved them a lot. Losing them felt like my heart has shattered into little pieces.
I have been lately working out only with my mother. As only in front other people I try to behave like everything is fine. Maybe I should post more here. Maybe it will make me feel better. Maybe nothing will change?
I have always tried to work for my dream but lately my dream has started to feel like it's unreachable and trying to get to it, would only lead me to even more trouble. Eventhought everyone says I shouldn't give up. Why not? At this current state, I can't follow my dream. And later doing it feels like, it's too late already. My fiance keeps saying that there isn't such thing as too late when it comes to my dream. But for me it sounds like a lie.
Oh well only time can tell what my decision will be and I'll have to keep on believing that something good will happen.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Next time I should use some brains.

Yesterday I decided to pick up my bike and since I chose walking over using a bus I ofcourse didn't take any extra money or my busticket with me. It was very lovely sunny day! But it was mistake to choose walking. Because the very moment I arrived, I noticed that my bike's tires are empty and guess what, ofcourse it meant that I have to walk those 10km with my bike on my side. Oh and I love those hills that we have here. My bike weights a lot too!
Oh well on the other hand, I did enjoy the beautiful nature, sunny day and also I could that 20km as a workout. :) And also took pictures while walking!^^ I first thought I would share some here but once noticing how crappy they look I thought that rather not :p I blame my phone!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

My body disgusts me.

This is often how EVERY woman feels. Atleast at some point in our lives we feel like this. Usually overweighted people think that they are only one thinking like this. But they are wrong!
When I was 1 size smaller(I was at my "best" shape back then), I always felt like there's a lot needed to change in my body. I want smaller bum, bigger breast, smaller thighs, smaller belly, simply I want everything to be smaller.
At this point I still see that there's a lot work to do with my body to be happy with it but I have accepted it at the moment. Yes, my belly isn't good enough and bum isn't small enough but hey this is the shape I'm going to have even when I lose the extra weight. I will always have a bit bigger bum(I blame my bones ;) the usual) than what I want. But it's what it is. Same like with personality. I am what I am and so is my bum!
We often look upon all those skinny ppl and think wow, I wanna look like that. But to be really honest the only that makes you attractive is being yourself and accepting yourself as you are. Our insecurity shines through us and that makes us less attractive. And to be really honest, there's nothing beautiful in having a body that has no shapes but only bones. I'm not against skinny people, I'm against unhealthy people. Being unhealthy is ugly. Your skin will lose the beautiful tone and shine and you won't be feeling good about your body either.
When you try to improve your health, you improve everything. But you need to draw a line there too. I love chocolate and all sorts of sweets. No matter how much I wanna live a healthy life, sweets will always be part of my life. Of course I consume a lot less sweets than before but allowing myself to not go nuts about this health thingy.
So instead of thinking that
once I lose this fat that is surrounding my body, I'll be happy

think that
being healthy is all need to be happy.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

I thought I wouldn't be busy but I am :D

I really thought that finally everything will settle down and I can finally continue blogging more often but no. First I had to spend time with family a lot, go to gym and work. And I still don't have internet in my current apartment but it allowed me more time to spend at gym, sunbathing and family.
Internet is addictive for me :P I can spend all day on it. But now I spend a lot of time infront of tv because I found channel which has a lot of interesting stuff for me! "no, I'm not coming to sleep yet, there's documentary about one bridge!" "You seriously going to watch that??" Am I addicted to TV if I rather watch documentary about bridge and go to work while being really tired? Yeah, I might have a problem :D
Anyways I'm happy now for getting awesome apartment next month and hopefully this constant moving will end now! :))) I'm soo happy!
Oh ye I decided that I could take lots of pictures now that there's constantly sunny and warm outside but I lost charger of my best cam and the other cam's pics are horrible and its way too big to carry with me. The usual. When you need or want something you can't have it :D

How's your summer?

Thursday, 26 May 2011

I'm sorry

I'm really sorry for not posting for a long long time. I have had many ideas what to post but moving out into temporary apartment is really frustrating and time-consuming. The case is that first I was moving into apartment next to beach and woods. Beautiful area but some problems occured in the apartment. Then I had to run around the city to find suitable apartment. No luck :P
Now my friend offered her own apartment, since she is going abroad tomorrow and I can live in her apartment for next 3 months :) Yey! It really bought me some extra time to find apartment that I like and location is great! 10 mins away from gym, 15 min away from family, 20 mins away from beach!! :D Also it takes only 25 min to go to work! ;) Perfect!
Also reason why I havent posted anything(in addition of being soo busy) it's because at the moment everything is packed away so I can't find all the clothes I want to show to you guys and my diet is been horrible. I decided that during summer I will eat a lot more fruits, since I love them a lot and during summer it's just perfect meal for being so light and tasty :) But diet has been like this:
Breakfast - oatmeal with strawberries
Lunch - apple
Snacks I totally have forgot to eat.
Dinner - Chicken with rice or creamy mushroom soup.
In this hurry I forget to eat and I don't feel hungry during summer because warm weather somehow makes me feel bloated. (weird?) Forgetting to eat is really really bad. Nobody should ever do that. It has far more downsides in it than anything good.
I haven't loosed any weight due the fact that stress causes me to eat constantly something :P So I have pretty much eaten all the cookies and chocolates I had stored for a bad day. Until I bought salty peanuts and started eating those. Even stress can't make me eat those more than few. It's not that they taste bad. Theyre delicious. It's just the salt that prevents me from eating too much.
I can't wait to get rid of this moving part and start to enjoy the summer! :) I have started biking a lot and it's a great way to get tan too. Oh soon I get to go to beach, picnics, feed ducks and squirrels and have lots of fun! Now we just need more of those sunny days and less of those fake days. I hate those. You can see its a sunny day but once you get out it's cold and windy! :(
Once I have moved into my friends apartment, I'll try to work everything out and then I'll share more of my diet and clothes etc :) Since during summer nothing beats fruit/berry smoothies that replace meals and taste great ^^

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Pain+stress=no proper eating

I noticed that when the pains first time appeared my eating turned from 5 times a day to if I need to. 5 times a day is the one for you if you workout a lot or want to lose weight. If I need to, is one that I don't recommend to anyone. One day I might eat one apple, next day lots of chocolate and some days I have been only drinking milk and haven't even touched anything that could be considered a food!
When I'm sick, I usually don't feel like eating at all. So I will eat when I feel like which is of course really far from proper eating. This week I have decided to get back on track. I won't eat 5 times a day but my goal is 3 times a day and it must be healthy. My fridge has in it gabbage, carrots, milk, curds and pineapple. Well bread is ok too! But not daily. I love eating toasts with gabbage! It's like the best of all! Overally I love toasts and sandwiches!
Btw all post suggestions are welcomed :)

I'm back!

I closed all my blog due some stupid visitors. I dislike spreading my pictures without my permission and since my pictures ended in place where only idiots spend their days, I had to close access to blogs.
Hopefully they have forgot me by now and I can continue boring everyone who ends up here with my boring stories :)
A little bit of what has happened during blogs being closed:
- Injured my legs and back. No cure for it yet( I don't consider painkillers a cure). Which basically means that my walking far from normal walking. And it's also a real pain in the ....! I can't stand straight, neither walk while having back straight. That causes my back to hurt and my legs can't hold my weight at all. I can walk for 2 min normally and suddenly start to walk like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Yey, it's soo great -.- The pain might have started from quitting all of a sudden hardcore working out since muscles were used to it and when you quit just like that, they will protest. I doubt it's that but you never know.
- Studies cause a lot of stress, depression, raging etc. I'm like mad cow at the moment. It's not only because of studies, but I feel like all I'm doing right now is useless and I'm just wasting my time. Yeah, I'm probably wrong and currently fighting against that feeling :D
- Changing school/moving abroad. That's something I want to do at the moment really badly but I can't. I hate my current school for being so useless to me. What will I ever do with Swedish language? Nothing. I have never used it thought at my work they hired only people who were able to speak swedish. Also even if it was usable language, I always prefer english or russia. With those 2 languages I can express a lot more my thoughts and feelings. My swedish is and will always be like really boring and empty. I can't be creative with that language. Why abroad? Well I think this country sucks and is plain boring. I don't enjoy myself here.
- Joining a gym. I have always thought that joining a gym is a waste of money, yet at the moment I'm considering joining the most expensive gym in this city. Why on earth I'm doing that? Well, I'm too busy right now to spend 20 minutes to my workouts at home. Because when I come home, the time flies here. I think if I spend my money on something like gym, I will be there everyday so my money won't go to waste. If I go there, I might spend time doing something useful and I won't feel like: life sucks, I'm soo emo :D I got about 6 hours a day to myself but at home I don't find that time at all. So I will force myself to gym so I won't waste it at home on something useless. Why most expensive gym? Because it doesn't have so many people going there and I have only heard good things about it. I don't like places, where's too much people. What's the best part of that gym? Mostly rich people go there which means there's mostly old people! I prefer old people as my workout partners since they are nice ;D