Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Good news everyone,

I failed really really badly while doing my meal. And I blame blue dragon! Eww ewww eww. Holy sh*t, it was bad!!!!!!! Blue dragon is some werid version of asian food ingredients. Not to mention it's expensive compared to hard-to-reach ones!
I don't know why, but cooking has never ever been my thing. I can follow a recipe but rest is just impossible. Making an easy meal is like a rocket science to me -.-
Baking is again another thing. That's where I shine!! I can do anything and come up with my own recipies and they taste delicious!
So here I end my food blog for a long long time! Next time I'm in kitchen is when I'm baking. Cooking well maybe someday I'll do that again.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Today's meal!

Cooked potatoes, fresh cauliflower, fresh broccoli and some butter! Slice potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli to bits or mash them all up. Warm up in microwave and enjoy! yummy yummy^^<3
Why fresh? Because I think they taste better when theyre fresh! Why butter? Because you need some fat in your meals! It's good for you^^ Not to forget that it tastes better too! I don't peel my potatoes because they taste better like this and are healthier!! :)
*Microwave is my best friend! I'm lazy and I hate waiting for my food to get ready! I want it NOW. So I'll my meals are done in about 15 min. I can cook over 15 min but then I have to be doing all the time something or else I get bored and forget about having something in oven and Voila! Burned meal in oven. Yey! I also have succesfully burned my potatoes while cooking them once and that was it! Now I avoid cooking as much I can so it won't happen again.
:'( You can't see the cauliflower since it's in the bottom!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Ghostly week & 2 weeks of soups+smoothies+fruits with Kim Kardashian

Honestly, I feel like i'm a ghost now. I feel like everyting happens around me but I'm unable to join all that activity. So this is a perfect time to try to eat more food that are mostly liquid.
For next about 2 weeks I'll be eating like this:
- breakfast: oatmeal or whole wheat cereals
- snack: banana
- lunch: soup
- snack: apple
- snack: orange
- dinner: smoothie(it's sugar free. just fruits+milk)

Why 2 snacks in a row? Because it's all I can eat at work.
Also I just got myself Kim Kardashian's Fit in your jeans by friday so I'll be doing that as new workout.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Whole wheat noodles meal!


This is delicious and spicy meal. And it's easy to make! What's best about this meal? Well of course it needs only few basic ingredients and with extra ingredients you can make it taste the way you like!

You will need:
- whole wheat noodles (With my noodles there was also package of spices)
- package of spice, but you can use spices you like
- rye bread or rye rusk(I used this time the rusk, since it's all I had :S)

and as extra I used:
- onions
- garlic
- sweet pepper

Why whole wheat and rye?
Well as you might know, I want to have lots fiber in my food. :)

Hope you will enjoy this meal!


I really really want badly Easytones. They are the only shoes, I would die for at the moment. I want to go for a walk and I need shoes. Yes I know I have lots of shoes but I want shoes specifically for walking. *sigh*. Let's hope that someone kind reads this and gives me pressie :P I'm a dreamer but I'm also desperately in need of easytones. x)

Thursday, 30 September 2010

I want all those old goodies back!!

I noticed that when I go to shop, all I see is just same companies names. In supermarket you see only about 15 different companies. I mean PLEASE, stop it! Those companies make all sort of stuff. Milk, yogurths, cheese etc. And it's making me feel sick! The same typical taste can be noticed in foods that same company makes. And what's most annoying is that there's no variety at all! Lots of different foods, but all have the same taste.
Oh I miss the days when I could buy soda nearly any taste I could come up with. Now it's only lime, cola, lemon(doesn't taste like it's lemon), orange and few more. But I remember from my childhood buying strawberry, pineapple, lemon, mixed fruits, cherry and apple soda. And WOW, the taste! I mean it was real juice that they used. Now it's just full of artificial taste that is just tasteless. Sure I can taste tiny tiny bit of lemon, but it doesn't taste real.
I really would like to have all those small companies take over these big money hungry companies. Prices are high because there's no little companies trying to compete against the big ones. And the prices are way too high! Coca-Cola, woah the old taste. The current taste just sucks big time. It's missing something. I loved Coca-Cola, now I just hate it. Coca-Cola light used to be tasty as well. Now it's just disgusting.
Also what's with the sugar-free, fat-free and low-calorie food? Seriously stop it, RIGHT NOW!
Sugar-free? Eww, that new horrible taste. They replace sugar with something that is way more harmful than sugar actually. If you use too much sugar, just use it less! You like drinking soda? Sure, I like sweets aswell. But drink 1 soda not 10 during a day! Not the mention that the taste is worse than if they would have used sugar.
Fat-Free? Oh your body needs natural fat, just don't add lot's of butter on your bread, eat less meat etc. It's easy! Instead of eating that tasteless and unhealthy food(yes, removing fat means that they remove also other stuff that needs to be then replaced with artificial chemicals), eat real food with limits. Taste is horrible :(
Low-calorie? You should eat less! Not more with less calorie! It's not the calories harming you, but your size of plate!
Honestly, I would be soo happy if I would have more free time. I would bake my own bread, have a garden full of veggies or buy it from local farmers and I would do all my meals myself from the start(which I actually do!). I hate ready meals. Meals, where everything is done for you. Who knows what they added in it? And the taste is nothing close to home-made delicious food. Sure you can read what they added. But I know soo many people who don't read the information of a product.
I want good old days back. I'll just be here, waiting, knowing it won't happen. But girl can have a dream. I know it would happen if people would ditch their current shopping list and change it to more chemical-free list. But our busy lives don't allow us more time to bake our own bread. Pff excuses! I have been sitting on my butt for hours now. I could have spend 20 min of it to make delicious dough and bake my own bread. I just don't want to eat bread now. Shame! Because then you would have seen my pretty pwetty bread and fallen in love with it and maybe started baking yourself aswell! ^^

Thursday, 23 September 2010


I don't know why so many hate this shop or have negative thoughts of products sold there. First of all those products sold in Lidl usually win in all kind of taste tests. Or get atleast second place. So what's wrong? Do cheap prices scare you away and make you think that it must be something disgusting then? Oh camoon! Food doesn't have to be expensive to be delicious, clothes don't have to cost dozens to be TOP quality.... People use your brains! That's why we have brains! Why you believe what other people say?
To be honest I think it's best shop ever. Great quality clothes/other random stuff, good food with great variety and everything is AFFORDABLE and worth the price. Honestly, I don't get the hate of Lidl. First time I went to Lidl was in Germany, when I was living in Germany. I mean it was popular shop there! But here it has bad reputation. No matter how often it is proven that it is cheaper and wins 90% of taste tests. Are you people blind? Don't ever say that something is disgusting or bad without trying! I can't come up with any product there that isn't good.
Sushi I bought from Lidl was way better than the ones I have had in restaurants and it was cheaper. Okay, well some products do taste a lot different from what locals here are used to. But if 1 yogurth out of 10 tastes bad in your opinion, then it still doesn't mean ALL products are bad. If they sell that yogurth there, then probably many people love it's unique taste. Sure the yogurth is a lot different from what you can get from other shops. But mostly all the products there have more real taste than those fake chemicals that you can find in other shops. For example strawberry yogurth I bought from other shop was way more expensive and it didn't have pieces of strawberry and the taste was boring?, barely tasted the strawberry and it was watery. Lidl's strawberry yogurth was cheaper, had bits of strawberry and the creamy strawberry taste was de-li-cious!
Also I love that Lidl brings variety into my month every 2 weeks. Like now we have France theme. Cooked escargot in garlic butter, ratatouille, croissants, crémé brûlée, nougat and many more. Yummy yummy!!! I would have bought everything but I can't :( But they also bring twice a week new random stuff, like clothes and shelves and DIY's etc. Yesterday I bought from another shop 2 baguette's. They were now on sale so they were instead of 2€'s 1.50. But from Lidl with 1€ you get 2 baguette's that are way more better. Why can't you enjoy the great deal? Cheap great stuff available right infront of your nose and you still are against it? Pfff, stupidity. I would really love to buy food only from Lidl's unfortunately, it's located in a bad place.
Also you can get all you need from Lidl, there's no reason to go to any other shop. I really recommend everyone to buy stuff from there. You really save lots of money and enjoy real good food. If you don't have one in your country, try your local cheap shop. It might suprise you, if not then you atleast know the truth of it.
Lidl's clothes are often claimed to be low quality, but people, my hobby and future job will be sewing and clothes designing. I know about fabrics and sewing a lot. Because I love it. It's my passion, even more than dancing. I have always dreamed of becoming designer. I used to sew clothes for my barbie's, so don't come to me with your bullsh*t. Those are TOP quality clothes. I buy from there clothes that I even wouldn't use so often, but it's really cheap and the quality is great so who cares if I use those once a half year. Those clothes are superior. For once try any of Lidl's sportwear and you will notice that it is even way better. My old expensive pants from some sportshop don't have nearly as much great things as these Lidl's ones. Why waste 50€(on sale price) on a label if you can get for 10€ way better ones? I don't believe that Better Label=Better Quality Because it doesn't go like that. Even If I buy clothes that are made by some wellknown label, still I buy it because I have carefully checked that it is properly made and worth the price.
This is enough for today's complaining. Hopefully some people really start thinking with their own brains...

My shopping list / How I eat.

Well I thought this would be helpful for some people who are trying to lose weight or start healthier life! =) And yes it doesn't mean I don't eat sweets! I love sweets!! Even now I have toffee icecream in my fridge ;) I have ate it now twice and more and I haven't ate half of it yet! Before losing weight and healthy eating, I would have ate whole ice cream in half an hour. Now I would just love to eat salad, just sometimes I feel like eating sweets and I think I could eat whole ice cream but it usually gets old before I finish it! :(
I eat 3 times a day from a bowl which is 13cm(diameter) 6cm(depth). If it's soup or salad or oatmeal, it's usually full. Sweets are a bit over the half. 2 times a day I eat some fruit with yogurth or hard boiled egg. So that's how much I eat! Yes it sounds a little but the food I eat makes me feel full! :) My daily eating sounds like this: morning - oatmeal snack - apple lunch - soup snack - apple dinner - salad. Sometimes I eat 6 times, then I eat a fruit. Also variety is very important! Don't eat the same food every day!

What should I buy or How my shopping list should look like?

- Lots of veggies!
My most used looks like this: cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, iceberg salad.
- Spice it up!
I use mostly: garlic!! and of course oregano, spinach.
- Lots of fruits!
I usually buy apple(they can last even a month without even looking old!) and orange(lot's of c-vitamin and fiber) and pears.
- Lots of berries!
I usually buy strawberries 1kg but sometimes mixture of berries. =)
- Braaaaains!! Oh sorry I meant beans.
Peas and beans are awsome! Chick beans, kidney beans etc.
- Something is fishy here!
Salmon or tuna are ones I mostly buy!
- Meat
I prefer chicken but sometimes turkey or beef.
- Milk
This one rocks!! Lots of protein and yummy =) Some foods taste better with milk.
- Oatmeal
Tasty and healthy breakfast.
- Variety of nuts
Healthy snacks. Also you can add these to soo many things!
(- Rice or potato or quinoa or yogurth or olive oil or coconut milk
This isn't necessary but it's nice to have some variety in your meals.)

And that's it!
So let's think what you can do with all that.
Veggies, spice up's and beans make a great salad. You can eat just salad or add fishy or meat to it! There's then 3 salads! Meat salad, fish salad and just salad.
Berries and fruits = fruit salad or fast healthy snack or add some yogurth to those and you got yourself a dessert. Also add berries to your oatmeal and Voila yummy oatmeal. You can also make yourself orange juice, there's no juice in the world that beats home made juices!
Drink cup of milk with meals and you got yourself enough protein! ^^ Or do as I do! I love to eat strawberries with milk!
Also you can make soup of veggies, beans and meat or fishy. Soups are easy to make. Believe me! Forget the hard recipies if they are really hard for you, just add water and cook all veggies and meat in it!
Sure you can add a tiny bit of something that isn't listed here but these are mainly all you need! But I recommed buying dark chocolate(70%+) than milk chocolate. Try different dark chocolates to find your favourite ones! =) But try to avoid other sweets.
Fruits and berries aren't sweet enough for you as they are? Well how about cut the apple, pear or orange a half then add some raisins, coconut flakes, honey or powdered sugar. Anything you can come up! Orange is ready to eat like that but pear and apple I would put in oven for a bit. I will write down the recipe here some day. But you can comment me to do so faster if you really want to use the recipe as soon as possible :)

How to get variety with this buying list?
Easily! Just buy different berries, different fish, different meat, different veggies etc. Also you can use same meat but if you have different salad with it, it is different meal then ;) You can add a tiny bit of sauce or coconut milk or olive oil!

Do all your meals yourself, don't ever buy ready meals. Why? Because then all that is in the salad is added by you! I bought salad from a shop. Salad wasn't as tasty as the ones I make myself and it had some disgusting oil in it!! So my TASTY salad was also fat free. Why waste more money on ready sh*t!?

Also remember to go to shop when you are full. I just ate my icecream and while I was shopping I felt ill of seeing sweets :D And what's most important: Never leave home without shopping list. Don't buy anything that isn't listed. You will avoid buying unnecessary sweets or something that isn't healthy!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Resting after being sick

So as many might know, you need to rest your body even after being sick.
Time being sick * 2 = time you need to recover/rest.
During being sick, you should not be doing any exercising! Only rest! During recovery you can do light exercises such as walking, streching and slow dancing. If you do workout during recovery, you can make everything worse. I know because I have done that!
So during being sick, I was just home! DOING NOTHING AT ALL! And I felt like I was wasting time and being useless. So later I started walking a bit more and today I think my body was fully recovered and I was able to do my 20 minute cardio! :) jumping+core=joy(and sweat)!

I'm back! ^^

Monday, 13 September 2010

Oh so sweet, flu got me!

Just when I thought that I have been losing weight nicely, eating well so nothing can stop me! :) But I was wrong!
Now of course I had to get flu! So I guess I have to remove WT's and circuits and just stick with cardio which doesn't make me feel worse.
I'll start walking(and dancing) this week and hopefully next week I won't be sick anymore.
It's not good to work out when your sick. Probably will make it all worse. Walking isn't bad work out during flu. Also this is great excuse to start eating lots of soups :P

Sunday, 12 September 2010


So this is first one I will use as a snack at work. I think this one replaces well my muesli bars. It's mainly just oatmeal "bar" with bit of carrot. It's tasty and you can add some jam to make it taste like dessert. I made 20 without seeds and 20 with seeds. This are easy to take with you to work and you don't have to warm them up!


So in the middle theres one with seeds and on sides without seeds. As you can see it's color is beautiful! ^^

Recipe for 2 pieces from other webside:
1 carrot
6 dl wheat flakes
4 dl wheat drink? (I'm not really sure what this could be. replaced with plus milk*)
1 dl canola oil
½ tbsp sugar
½ tsp salt

On top:
3 tbsp wheat flakes (Brans, because I thought that theres way too much wheat)
3 tbsp sunflower seeds (I'm adding also sesam seeds)

Preheat oven to 250c°. Peel the carrots and grate them. Mix all the ingredients. Chill the batter for about 15 min. Place it on baking sheet(I made just huge square and when it was baked I divided it into 20 pieces). Add seeds on the top. Bake for about 15 min.

I made myself 40 pieces and my ingredients were:
5 carrot
15dl wheat flakes
10 dl plus milk*
2 dl canola oil
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt

On top:
sesam and sunflower seeds(so much that they covered it fully, about 5 tbsp)

*Plus milk is new milk available in my country. It's fat free milk with added extra protein, calcium and d-vitamin. I wouldn't drink fat free milk for it's disgusting taste and fat free isn't in my opinion healthy. But I would use it in my bakings because it works better in it than ordinary milk. Good about this one is that it doesn't have any preservatives because it's pasteurizated. Which actually isn't good thing if youre against processed food. But I make exception on this one. I will use it if I will bake something or make some hot chocolate/drinks.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Huge baking shopping day.

Actually today I was planning to just buy new jeans but then I remembered that I don't have all needed baking ingredients to start next week baking. I did get new jeans(11€) and corset-alike(5€).
Tomorrow or today I will bake Sunlefse(translated it and it sounds horrible). It's like bread and it's yellowish orange. I have recipe for 2 pieces but I will make 10. Hope I have enough of milk. It can also be coconut milk or soy milk or anything like that. Takes about 30-40 min to get those done. Well let's hope they will be delicious. =)
So today I bought:
- 0.35 kg of sesame seeds for 3,50€ (man, this stuff is expensive!)
- 0.46 kg of sunflower seeds for 2,30€
- Some kind of new super milk, which I will use for sunlefses. 1,40€
- 1kg of frozen strawberries 3,80€ (hmm, wonder why students don't want to eat healthy food!!!)
- Baking chocolate 2€
- Honey 3,30€
- Bread flour 1,25€
- Canola oil 1,85€
- Vanilla sugar 1,40€
- Raisins 0,60€
- Molasses sugar 1,50€
- Maple syrup 4,85€
- Yeast 2,20€
- Nuts and raisins 1€
- Coconut flakes 0,90€
- Baking powder 0,75€
- Powdered sugar 1,15€
- Rye flour 0,80€
- Brans with lots of fiber 1,25€
- Carrots 0,95€

So as you can see it's really expensive here to get all needed ingredients. Oh well, girl got to do what girl got to do. Sure it's expensive but I rather eat delicious food than spend my money on alcohol which is total waste. So see you later! :)

Friday, 10 September 2010

Busy day or is it?

I noticed that if I don't do my daily chores as I have planned, then everything just gets messy. I will do my workouts really late, eating whenever I feel like and overally nothing gets done as it should. Unfortunately some days I really have hard times to follow my schedule.
Well anyways I got great news. I was thinking a lot today about what should I eat at work for the next week. Because I decided that my meals weren't healthy enough.
I have been eating expensive muesli bars that for some weird reason are no longer the same. For some really stupid unknown reason all my favourite cheaper muesli bars have now been covered with chocolate! Eww! Why?? The chocolate is horrible(atleast in my opinion) and it just tastes horrible now!! So now muesli bars with pears are filled with disgustingly sweet white chocolate.. So thank you very much for ruining it!!! :( I don't really need the extra sugar. I liked the bars for having the real taste of the fruit in them.
So I guess I will soon start baking and replacing food that I would usually buy from shop. I will share the recipies with you guys, once I have tried them all myself first. :) I will have recipe about how to make muesli yourself, muesli bars, salads, sandwiches etc. All of those are tasty(should be) and healthy variation and of course easy to take to work with you! ^^

But first of all, I would need a tiny help from you guys out there. What goes well with apple? As I need some more ideas for one of the recipe. All ideas are welcomed! =)

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Breakfast, this time it's not oatmeal!

Trying eat so that my body now gets all the nutrients it needs to heal itself properly. If you like tuna, this first one is delicious. :)
But remember that you are able to change the taste of your oatmeal with many many ways. Add some fruits(or berries), nuts, muesli, fruit soup(kissel) and many more. Fruits can be sliced, grated or dried. Canned or fresh fruit.
Or instead of water use milk or juice or the juice of canned fruit. I have used even coffee and hot chocolate.
I have seen recipes of salty oatmeals but I find that disgusting. Exception is of course buckwheat with meat. That's just something I have been since I was a kid.
Also a cinnamon or honey or cocoa powder can make the oatmeal taste different. Combining different fruits and berries. Apple and lingonberry or banana/pineapple and raspberry are delicious combination!
Also the taste of oatmeal is different depending of how youre making it. In microwave it's not very good. So try it in oven!
Or do your oatmeal with yogurth and just don't warm it up. So then you can use different yogurths to make it taste different. As you can see there's sooo many ways how to make your oatmeal taste different, when you start getting bored with the current taste.
Over time I will probably post here more all kind of things you can eat for breakfast. So here's my breakfast ideas:

Tuna Sandwich (and other sandwiches)
- rye bread
- tuna
- spinach (lots of it) / garlic
- cheese
- parsley

Add slices of fruit to yogurth. I had 3 tbsp of yogurth and 1 whole pear. Also for more protein you can add cottage cheese.

Fruit Salad
I think everyone knows how you can make yourself fruit salad. Or have a bowl of different berries. :) Tiny tip to get more protein: add some cottage cheese!

For this one you only need milk, fruits or berries and oatflakes. Add all the ingredients into blender. You got yourself healthy and tasty smoothie!

Make one yourself and it will be delicious! :)

Hard boiled egg
On a rye bread. Yummy! Also you can add any veggie you like with it. Or eat the egg as it is.

Yes, I really did list this one here. And the reason is that with right ingredients, you can make even pancakes a healthier version. I might even add a recipe for healthier pancakes a bit later.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Addicted to Coffee

I started drinking coffee at very very young age. First it was mostly milk with taste of coffee and by every year it had less milk in it. Later I didn't use milk in it at all. Coffee is my guilty pleasure. I love coffee. It tastes great and it somehow makes me feel more relaxed.
Then came the day when I had to start using milk in my coffee again. Because I tried to quit drinking coffee. And succesfully I managed to quit!! I started to add more milk then changed to teas. From the darkest tea I went to the lighter one. Which actually doesn't make any sense.
Finally I was drinking white tea and forgot why I ever liked the coffee. During this last horrible days I started drinking coffee and I remember that this really makes me feel a lot better. Am I addicted again?
I don't think one cup can harm anyone, but if you drink more than that then do something about it! It's not good for you! =)

PS. There's no better way to start your morning than with tasty oatmeal with bananas and coffee! ^^
Quote of the Day: "OBSESSED is just a word the LAZY use to describe the DEDICATED." - Russell Warren.
I fell in love with that one when I saw it! :) Some say I'm obsessed with my workouts when I think about being dedicated to my workouts x)

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Walking as weight loss workout

Yes I had to make a new post about walking. I went off topic on my pedometer post. So in this one I will let you know about the todays walk. Which of course was 15000 steps continues walk, just as I promised. Let's admit it. I did first think that this is workout that really out of shape people would do. A sissy workout. I have been a walker in my opinion for a long long time. Actually when I was a under 16 yrs old, I kept myself fit by walking everyday to every place. Why? Well I had time back then!! I will add a picture that will proof that I did the 15000 step walk!
I did overally do 16114 steps, 15998 were aerobic steps(continual movement, I didn't stop or take breaks!). According to pedometer walking 15998 aerobic steps took me 139 minutes(for lazy ones: 2h 19 min). I lost 515 kcal(so that's my breakfast and snack!!! sandwich with cheese, turkey meat and iceberg salad+banana+nuts= 508kcal, it might be less than that since I think I always add extra's on my calculator), which is 44.3g. I did walk 10.79km, insane ehh??

5000 steps! Great start for healthier life! (also great as additional workout)
Breathing started to get heavier. Not much but it felt like this might really help somebody to lose weight. I would recommend to set this as your goal if youre a first timer. I was suprised how long it took for me to get to 5000 steps!! Of course if after 5000 steps youre able to walk more, then go ahead!

10000 steps! To keep you fit and healthy! (reduces also chronic disease risk)
This is a part when I really started to feel that my body is working hard. Breathing was heavier, this time enough heavy to call it a workout. I started sweating a bit!! This should be your next goal.

15000 steps! You will lose weight!This part was funny. I was breathing hard and people probably thought that I'm some kind of weirdo. My face was probably red like a tomato, that's how it felt! my skin felt really warm! Not to forget that my walking became clumsy. I sometimes forgot to raise my feet high enough! I really felt tired aswell. 12000-15000 steps are recommended to walk to lose weight. So this is your goal after 10000 steps.

I guess I looked a bit like a fool since I didn't want to go to areas were I haven't been so I was walking in same park about 5 times. But I did definately find a beautiful place near the park. It had a beautiful view to the sea and city! So it was worth to walk there. I recommend atleast try walking as a workout or do it on weekends. It's relaxing and you can enjoy the enviroment. While walking you could listen to the music or chat with your friend. That really helps you to keep on walking. You won't even notice that youre working out!! You don't have to own pedometer to walk enough. 2h 30min walk gets you close to 15000 steps definately. So you only need a watch! Unfortunately as a student, who also goes to work, I don't have time for walking. Only on some weekends. But when I get my school done or quit my job then I will certainly start walking!

Friday, 27 August 2010

6 Week Challenge | Dedication

"Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery
During this water diet I'm doing everyday cardio all day long whenever I get few minutes, also I do circuit training and 2x weight training every second day. So Friday was weight training, tomorrow is circuit, sunday weight etc. =) This circuit and weight training has been included today. I want to stay on that track for lets say 4-6 weeks? This is mostly a challenge to myself, since I always change workouts and don't do enough of weight training. It starts on week 34 on friday. Ends on week 41 or 42.
Weight training is time challenge and divided into 2 parts. One weight training consists of 2 exercises and trying to do as much sets of reps that I can in 15min. Today I managed to do WT1 12 sets and WT2 10 sets. Next time I should be able to do 13 and 11(hopefully).
Circuit has 4 exercises, each lasts 15min. I'll be doing 1 in the morning, 1 in the evening. So 30min a day. But of 4 exercises I do only 1 during one day.
Everyday cardio can be split into parts. So 8min+12min+20min cardio. Total of cardio is 20+min per day. Morning cardio is required. Sunday is cardio day, 40min!! Tiny reminder: intensive workout burns fat even if you are doing for 4 minutes! :> I'm sweating for half an hour after my 4 minutes workout :P I'll just keep updating this one!

Week 34
  • WT1 12
  • WT2 9½
  • Cardio: morning: 20 min lunch: 4 min evening: 4 min, 12 min.
  • Circuit. morning: 15 min evening: 15min
  • Cardio: morning: 4 min, 4 min(darn legs hurt a bit >.<, can't squat long enough). I think the walk was enough, so rest of cardio isn't needed.
  • Cardio: morning: 4 min lunch: 4 min (yes outside and many people were wondering what I'm up to), did some running and packing= 10min cardio evening: 4 or 8 min. I will try to do 8 min but I won't probably have time for it. :< (I did manage to do 4+4 min ^^)
Week 35
  • Cardio: morning: 4min lunch: 4 min evening: 4 min
  • WT1: 12 (this time I made it a bit harder)
  • WT2: 10
  • Cardio: lunch: 20 min evening: 4min, 4min, 10min.
  • Circuit: lunch: 15 min
  • Cardio: morning: 6 min lunch: dancing for 30min(I'll count it as 10min cardio; it's intense dancing but not enough :>), 4 min
  • WT1: 12½
  • WT2: 11 (wooo wooo!! whole 1 more :D)
  • 10000 steps walk
- Wohooo as you can notice that I make progress in weight/strenght training! I did ½ more again! Even if I last time made the workout harder and it was harder version again and I managed to do more!! :) /me soo pleased!!!
I'm badly injured, not from workouts. So all I did was minium of cardio. 10 min a day. Adding 1 more week because of this.
Week 36
  • Cardio: morning: 4min
  • WT1: 14(!!!!!!! Last time was 12½! What an improved! All I have done is cardio!!)
  • WT2: 12
  • Cardio: 8min, walking
  • Circuit 15min
  • Cardio: 4min+dancing, 4 min.
  • WT1: 15
  • WT2: 13
  • Cardio: 10min +dancing. Lot's of walking.
  • Circuit: Well I met my nightmare/limit. I can't do Dive Bomber push up's, It's impossible. I sweat A LOT and my arms start shaking, then suddenly they give up. I can do 5 reps, then I'm finito. I managed to do 5+5+5 with 10 sec rest between them and that's it. I can't do more. My arms hurt like never before. I'll just do lots of cardio today. But someday I will manage to do more of bombers.
  • Cardio: 12 min(3 exercises: 2 for legs, 1 core.)
  • WT today is replaced with butt workouts to keep my body from getting used to WT's. I'll do butt workouts 2 times today, atleast try to. =) I have to complete all together 80 reps of 4 exercises in 4 rounds and then see if next time I'm able to do faster. Who knows when it's next time. :) But I might add here results and compare later with newer ones. Bleh lazy to use stopwatcher.
Week 37
Week 38
Week 39
Week 40
Week 41
Week 42
Week 43

Water Diet

I'm currently on water diet. Which doesn't mean that one day of week I will only drink water and not eat at all. NEVER! That is really harmful for my body and I will never ever do that.
My friend is on sort of water diet. Every monday she drinks only water and nothing else. Luckily it's only once a week. Yes she lost weight but she would have lost a lot more if she worked out a bit more, 5 meals a day and consumes all her body needs.
But if you really want to do that diet then do it once a month MAX. Or else your body will suffer. You won't get all the nutrients that your body needs. And that's bad. I'll try to find more specific information what happens if you go on water diet. I remember a bit about it but not much. So before saying something that might be wrong, I have to do a little search :)
Water diet for me basically means consuming way more water. I will try to add 10 more cup in my day because I think I'm not consuming enough. So during a day I will be drinking about 18 cups = about 4L (correct me if I'm wrong). I usually drink 6-8 cups but I want to be able to drink more. Hardest part about this is to remember to drink the extra water and getting used to it. Today I did drink about 14 cups. Not enough, but slowly getting there! =)
Mine water diet works on idea that if I drink lots of water before eating, I feel full more easily. So you will eat less = weight loss!

(mine is harmless, do that one rather and it guarantees that you lose weight if you follow it correctly^^)

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Can't wait to finally get it!!!! Yes, I have been checking my mailbox twice today!! I would have checked a lot more if it weren't so suspicious/embarrassing. AND tadah it arrived!!!!
So first thing I have to say to everyone who is about to get their first pedometer, Look for a good one! Rather pay more than buy thousand bad ones or what's even worse: Trust a one that doesn't count right.
I had a cheap one that claimed that I have walked 300 steps, when I actually was standing in one small tiny spot reading the manual. That made me angry.
So I bought 5 times more expensive one. Sorry grandma, I know you bought the first one to make me feel happy. But it ain't your fault that it doesn't work properly. I think the thought behind it was really sweet and love you for being such lovingly caring sweet person :) Yes, for just being yourself!! <3 data-blogger-escaped-span="span" style="color: #ffff33;">
Edit: Been using it now for some time, atleast at school I was with it. And my result is 2.10km and 3147 steps and 104 calories lost(5.8g). This is pathetic result. And I thought I have been moving a lot more nowadays. :/ 0 aerobic steps, which should be that 12000-15000. After work it said that I have walked 5573 steps. Which ain't much aswell. But I didn't have one lesson at school and I was picked up after work. So if all that wouldn't happened I would have walked 8000 steps, I think.
Oh well on weekend I'll do aerobic 15000 steps with fiance or mom and then I'll tell you guys how much time it took me etc.
But now I got a challenge to all of you! Everyone who reads this and owns pedometer, go out and then comment me how many steps you walked and how long it did take you. :) Hope to get some comments and some people to walk ;) You comment many times, ask me something, everything is welcomed. :)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Because I love Tabata's workouts, Gymboss has promised to make it easier for me. And everything that makes working out easier is worth to buy. Including workout clothes, timers, dumbbells, anything you think you need to make it easier. I just ordered pedometer and Gymboss, because I found finally pedometer that I like and company that sells Gymboss in my country! Yey! You guys just made smile! For 23€ I think Gymboss isn't expensive. It should arrive in few days and then I shall share everything about it with you guys!! :) So hopefully it will be soon!
Gymboss is really easy to use and I find it useful! It's tiny and simple. Just the way I like electronic stuff! I hate phones that have camera and all that useless stuff. It makes my phone laggy!
I love my gymboss! :) It helps me out a lot! I need it every day and I don't want to exercise without it. Constantly counting time myself or using phone was just pain in the bum! Sure there's timer on the net but I like exercising outside. So watch out everyone, there's one fitness crazy outside :) Boo! My workouts gather a lot of people around me. Mainly because of the intensity which is pretty funny that people like to watch the workout and think: Wow she is really fit. Silly people, I'm not that fit! Just tiny bit of practice and everyone can do the same! Mainly because I'm not dedicated only to HIIT's. I also bellydance, overally dancing belongs to my heart, Weight training, fighting and many more! If I would only do exercises that improve my whole body to be able to do more during intense workouts, then I would have been WAYYYY BETTER :D

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Healthy Food!

Today I will share tasty sandwich and delicious dinner with you guys. Why? Well because it might give you a hint what is a healthy food. But there's easy rule in making healthy meal. Healthy food has 5 different colors! So you need to get those veggies and fruits into your meals to get the colors! Let's start!

Light Sandwich
-rye bread
-slice of turkey/chicken
Now we got all 5 colors! But you can add aswell spinach, parsley etc. Note that I don't use butter. I stopped using butter because it's just extra fat. I consume my fat from flaxseeds, nuts or fish oil.


I'm not sure what to call this dinner I made. I was myself trying out some new food. Quinoa is well-known for it's healthy benefits and as rice replacer. I'll tell more about Quinoa someday. I don't wanna give up on my brown rice. So instead of having only rice or only quinoa. I added half of brown rice and half quinoa. Which makes the meal pretty exotic. Atleast for me. I liked it but it tasted like something I would eat when I'm abroad.
- Quinoa
- Brown rice
- Parsley
- Chives
- Garlic
- Onion
- Corn
- Green beans
- Chicken
- a tiny bit of olive oil and soy sauce!
(- I was thinking about having carrots and tomatoes in it too but that's toooo much!! It wouldn't fit into my fridge)

Theres lots of different tastes. But it's full delicious ingredients that I like. I have never been a person who just follows some boring recipies. My mom have always tried to mix all sort of foods together to complete delicious meals! I guess I learned it from her. Actually I noticed this when I started my weightloss project. I started reading all sorts of things from very very many sites, looking for healthy foods and the benefits and of course about exercising. I never do things just because someone says I have to do it. No, I always search my way to the truth. I want to be sure!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Mission Impossible - Weight loss

"Until you become fit and healthy, you really have NO IDEA what you're really missing in life." - random board post

Losing weight sounds impossible. If you need to lose a lot of weight, then first few kg's you lose really fast and easily. But after that, no matter how much you exercise, it seems like you don't lose anything anymore!! That's when you might stop exercising and stop eating healthy( I would rather say disgusting) food. You will lose control like that and probably gain more weight. Anyways I thought about writing some important things that have helped me during weightloss. Here we go:
- Portion control... If something is delicious, I often overeat. I actually started gaining weight because by every meal I ate a bit more than before. I didn't notice it till now. It's soo easy to gain weight by just eating a bit more. There's many ways to control how much you eat! There's food trackers around the net and the one that I use is Fist-size. I eat 4-6 times a day. So eating everyday about fistful of food is enough for me to get full.
- Water!! Water, water, water and water. This is really important. Because your body needs water. You need water for your skin, for being hydrated enough and to feel better. I hated water. Now it's important to me. Being without water makes me feel ill. So you can first start drinking 1L of water a day, then 1,5L and eventually 2L or more. Drinking over 2L of water won't harm you. Don't worry. It's only good for you. Also it makes me feel more full, so overeating isn't easy anymore.
- Healthy food. Vegetables and fruits are your best friends! Why? Well they are low on calories but it takes more calories to burn them! 15 calorie vegetable takes 150 calories to burn!! Also over time you don't want to eat burgers and all that. You will love the taste of healthy food!
- Some say that cheat day helps them but for me it ruins all. If I eat one day all I want then I will make the next day like that aswell. Or I'll just eat all those goodies 10 times more than I'm allowed. Also fully eating only what's healthy didn't help me. So I came up with method to control myself. For example salmon with chickpeas. I hate chickpeas. Eww eww eww!! But salmon I love! So I eat something I like and something I don't but it's healthy. And I try to always eat healthy food that I like. I love chocolate but I forced myself to choose from milk chocolate very dark chocolate. I had to try many many dark chocolates till I found few that aren't actually that bad. Also I changed my yoghurts to No fat-ones, which don't taste that bad when youre used to eating those and are pretty good. Most important thing is that if you keep eating healthy foods, finally you don't want to eat pizzas and all that junk. I felt one day like eating pizza and when I bought one, it was a disappointment to me. I thought the pizza would have been a heavily good, but no. It was tasteless and greasy. I would have rather had chicken salad. Sure in some special occasions I eat greasy food. But after that for whole week I want to eat only soups and salads. Btw I was unable to change my milk to low fat one. I just find low fat milk disgusting and I won't be drinking low fat milk ever.
- Exercise everyday. Every little moment you spend on exercising helps you out. First you exercise 5 minutes, then 10, then 15 and the list goes on. Also if you exercise everyday even a little, it will become a habit. So you won't give up so easily later. And don't forget that exercising makes you feel like you have more energy and you won't be so easily feeling tired.
- Find an exercise you would love. I actually recommend trying everything first. I tried running (and I hate it!), walking (not bad but gets boring and feels like waste of time), badminton (ahhh I like it but you need someone with you to play it!), dancing (love it, but I don't like having audience), weightlifting (love it), HIIT's (love it!), biking (love it! You can do it while on your way to work. First it took me 1h++ to bike 12km, nowadays only 40 min!!), swimming (I love it, but I find pools very dirty places) and I tried different cardio videos that are found on internet, but didn't really find those fun. The more you like what youre up to more likely you stick to exercising. But unfortunately I have to recomment doing strenght training few times a week, remember to have a rest day between strenght trainings. Because you have to allow your muscles to have some rest or else they will hurt and might hurt yourself really badly. Strenght training is important part of keeping yourself fit. Don't forget it.
- Be harsh to yourself. I have infront my eyes continuesly letter written by myself that if I even dare to think about giving up, I will ruin all that I worked on. Actually exact text is this:
Remember if you give up one day, the next day it will be a lot harder to get back where you left off! The more active you get, the better you will look and the better you will feel!
“Since it’s the habit that matters, I can work out tomorrow; today’s not a big deal by itself.” I finally got it right in my head that EVERY day, including today, matters. If I don’t find time today to push myself, then I won’t tomorrow or the next day either.”
And that text helps, since it really makes me think. Because I'm not using my brain when I'm wanting to give up. I'm just being lazy at those moments.
- Rather check your measures than weight. Check once a month all your measure and you will go nuts of joy! Check your scales and you will get depressed :P (happened to me, now scales are covered with dust).
- Most important one is to learn to accept yourself. Even if you lose your weight, you maybe aren't glad with your face or butt or breasts. So you should accept yourself and love as you are. If you don't love yourself now, you won't love yourself when you lose weight. For me losing weight will return my self-confidence. My butt will always be bigger than it should be and my breasts will always be in my opinion too small. But that's something that cannot be changed. Certain clothes can make me look like I want to. Some shirts make breasts look better and some skirts make my butt look smaller. Thank god we have this awesome clothes!!!!!! Hopefully this will help you out in losing weight.

And I also have weightloss secrets, that I might share! ;)

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wow WoW!

Bah I hate admitting that I play WoW and definately I'm addicted a bit. Actually everytime I'm playing a char that I haven't used for awhile gets me addicted. I wanna learn more to play with that char. Except my feral druid. She sucks. Too low hp and never enough mana heal myself. But she is still so low lvl that's why she still sucks and she is tank. I can only do dungeons with her. So yea I finally reached to the gear I wanted for my main on my favourite realm so now I'm levelling my priest. That's why I don't write here much. Every moment I spend at home, I'm collecting ores and just enjoying my priest.
So why I enjoy playing Wow? Well why not? I know really awsome people there. I have there some really good friends. Whenever I need something, they help me. Whenever I start levelling new char, I'm offered a free teleport to dala so I can get fast anywhere I want, not to mention they will teleport me anytime to any place anyway. If I find locked box, I always have someone to open me the box. If I have to suffer horrible group in dungeons and thanks to them I can't complete quests. On those moment I have whole friendlist offering a boost just so I can complete the quests.
I have tried quitting WoW many times, but never succeed. Always returned because of missing the company I have in there. If I would have to call them my "family". They're awsome and most nicest people ever. No, i'm not meeting them irl but I don't wanna miss a moment without them. It's soo fun do bg's with priest who knows how to play and definately takes care that you won't die! As he always says: I don't leave friends in trouble. Neither would I. Cheers mate! And not to forget my /lick-er, he is awsome too! He never complains about my random spams! Thanks for your patiency with me. =D
Also I love improving my skills in WoW. Nothing is mroe fun than getting better everyday. Not to forget those enjoyable moments of OWNING someone who is a bragger. Oh it's sooo much fun!^^ I can honestly say that WoW isn't as good as it used to be but I have enough reasons to play it all the time. I write when I feel like so no worries. And about the deleted texts, I had my reasons for that too. x)
I wouldn't recommend anyone to play WoW. You will either get addicted to game or the players you play with. But if you have harmful addiction like drugs or alcohol then yea try WoW then. Just limit a bit that playing. (yea, like I know how to limit my playing)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

<.< !@!%& >.>

Ugh, I hate mornings. x) I'm too lazy to do anything and it takes around an hour to get ready to go to school or work and I still manage to be LATE! Also I'm pissed off because I start to think about stuff I don't want to. Maybe because I saw something in my dream or it just came to mind again. What's most annoying?? I'm unable to eat! I feel sick before going to sleep and I still feel the same illness when I wake up. I believe that all that illness is caused by thinking about next day. I can't stand going to work or school. Both remind me everyday that I should apply to another place.

Yes, there is a picture of a towel next to the text. So now we got the great part. NEVER MIX WHITE LAUNDRY WITH BLUE ONES! Well it's actually pretty blue, I like it. It's just a reminder for everyone.
Also there's a lot to do lately, so we'll see when I'm able to write again something. =]

Thursday, 7 January 2010

hair dye....

This morning I haven't really been satisfied with anything. Everything just annoys the crap out of me.. I see a car and it really makes me scream from frustration or anger or just anything. I don't really like mornings when I wake up too early or haven't really been able to sleep well.. I have some kind of insomnia bothering me..
Anyway one thing actually made me really angry. Has anyone ever wondered when you buy hair dye you get hair conditioner that actually is better than the ones you use usually. Why can't they sell those?? I hardly ever find anything good for my hair since my hair is picky....
Ugh I'll probably fail school. I have no motivation and every morning feels like I just wanna give up. I don't wanna learn anything, I don't wanna see anyone. I just wanna do what like to do at home. Work isn't as bad as school. Sure I hate some people there but atleast I have fun and I'm forced to listen to some boring stuff that makes me even more tired than I was when I woke up..
I have wanted to change school for ages.. I guess it's just a dream that never comes true. Something always happens so I won't be able to change. First I wasn't able to get any needed papers for it. Next year they lost my application and found it too late. What will happen this year?? Honestly, I don't even want to know. sigh... I want to go to that school really badly. I want to start doing what I enjoy doing. I have loved designing and doing all sort of crafts all my life. I don't want to know how this world works or what cells can do! I don't care!!! I would rather watch grass grow for months than study something like that..
Now I'm really hungry. Probably thanks to thinking about grass growing. Yey eating salads and stuff rocks!!! NOT. Just that I have fridge full of veggies and fruits so no other choice..

NB: I was actually about to write about that hair dye thingy but I ended up complaining! Whoo good job, Captain! You sure know how to go off topic..

First post...

To be honest I have been actually lately pretty happy with my life. I'm very pleased with my body. For last 2 days I have been eating only once and I ate BigMac's! Haha, I'm living soo healthy life!!! No really.. I usually dance atleast for an hour and I try to my 25 minute hiit's everyday. Sometimes I'm too lazy so I just don't exercise or count calories. Just do what I want to. Then I return back with great motivation and do my exercises and count calories.
Hmm what about today. Well I have been dancing today again. Not following someones instructions. Just moving like I feel like and listen to what I want and I dance as much as I want to. I'll do my hiit's after dinner spaghetti bolognese... yummy<3