Thursday, 10 October 2013

Changing of the season

It's been for awhile autumn here but today it truly hit me. During morning jog I couldn't avoid noticing how colorful all trees were and how beautiful everything looked. I find that splash of colors just breathtaking!
Jim loves autumn a lot more than other seasons. Summer is too hot. During winter and spring he has to run in snow. He doesn't like getting paws into snow much. Always rushes home then. Thought he does like snow in some ways. Snow is fun to run in but dont like the cold nor ice. He is silly. <3

He is a little curious kid. Always sticking his nose everywhere and if it wasn't good idea then rush to me and puppy look with "pls help". 
 Soooo pretty!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Have you ever worn something before checking if it's fine? Like taken random shirt and put it on then noticing later that it has stain on it or worse, a hole? 

Well I was running late to work so grabbed the first jeans I saw on my way hanging, drying from last nights wash. I put them on and ran off to work. 

Yup that's the suprise in subway then when it's too late to go back. So if anyone asks these are acid washed and meant to look like this! 

Btw: these are only ones that got this sexy washtextures. And ofcourse I had to take these then.. of all the clean ones that dont have these... Thanks a lot fate! 

Monday, 7 October 2013

Taste of water

Ugh ewww 

Have I ever mentioned that I can't stand taste of water. Bottled or non-bottled, it's disgusting. Worst is that I actually notice if two cups have different watersource. 

Everyone keeps telling me that I'm insane as water has no taste. But it has! I can't describe but taste of water is disgusting! It's so bad. Also after drinking there's this awkward taste in mouth! 

Hence the daily necessary water drinking is hard for me. But it's still a must. I have now been months without drinking water which is not a good thing at all. So starting from tomorrow I plan to drink daily 1,5l. But I also have reason to do so which will be fully own post. 

So water has a taste that changes with it's source, atleast for me. Does anyone else experienced this too? 

Ps: water can also attack you! :(

Saturday, 5 October 2013

If this is a dream...

Jimmy is such a dreamer. 

Let this be a slight reality check on things that must be taken care off by the end of this year. Kind of a checklist on things that I can't fail at for sake of my sanity. Nah I won't go crazy but will be rly saaad if I won't succeed. So completing this will keep me happy! :p 

- Eat healthy with occasion guilty pleasures.

- Workout every day. 

- Keep Jim healthy, happy and fit.

- Sell clothes you don't use anymore abd I got a lot of them due losing weight. 

- Keep your family and boyfriend happy. 

- Visit grandma more. 

- Finish apartments interior. 

- Have fun at work. 

- More baking, cooking and sewing. 

- Smile and enjoy every day. 

I got so many things to do that affect my happiness. 

Evil plum has also some sort of plans!

My apartment isn't fully ready due renovation, missing shelves, breaking mirror etc. Being there just makes me feel tired. Things arent my way so I'm nonstop thinking how to solve or fasten it up. 

Skipping jog in the morning, I'll be grumpy whole rest of the day. Also it will make me worry if skipping will become a habit. 

Losing weight caused me to have lots of loose clothes. I got from medium to extra small. Many jeans are way too big, some look fine with belt. So I got insane job on trying on all and selling them. I see no reason in just throwing them away. 

So this list will work to me as reminder so  no more excuses! :p

What makes you happy? Is there things you avoid doing thought you know you should do it? 

Yummy Friday

Nothing beats a friday that has sushi, chocolate, smoothie, daim cake and a good movie(thought I fell asleep in 15mins of starting movie, not movie's fault!!!). 

Yup I'm on stright diet. :p Well last night I decided that when I again feel like having something fast and easy I'll just stop by at next doors Rice Garden and grab a sushi. Way healthier, easier and a lot more delicious than grabbing pack of chips, pizza or a hot dog! I was amazed how cheap Rice Garden was and their sushi was really good! Definately recommending it. 

I guess I have never told that I just looooooove sushi. I never been really into Mcdonalds, Pizza hut and such. But sushi I love madly. It tastes way better. And talk about variety of your dish! It's a plate of pleasure on each bite and it fills your belly after eating just few. Miso soups is also really delicious! 

As a coke glasses collector I must admit that  I loyally went to Mcdonalds for every glass and ate a big meal. It was disgusting, so horrible. I remembered it was bad, but didn't remember it was THAT bad! It had awkward extra taste, which I still haven't figured out. Probably something in their sauce or mayo? All you could taste was just grease. Everything was so tasteless. When I took bite I couldn't taste the beef or lettuce, not even cheese! And I think my tastebuds work just fine. Fries were like crispy greasesticks. 

I guess it's because when you mostly just eat veggies, fruits and your daily fat comes from nuts, yogurth, fried eggs etc, you just stop liking taste of fried fat. It will disgust you as your body is adapted to different food. 

Oh and that smooothie was sooooo delicious! I so wanna get myself a blender so I can start making smoothies! So can't wait! Deliciouuuuus! 

"But I wanted to watch friends! :'("

Friday, 4 October 2013

Meatless month

Alrighty I been quiet again for awhile, but I'm back now! :) I'm starting my returnal with as usual to me, with ranting. I just sooooo love ranting. But I'm good at it and I don't run out of rants! ;D I could call it a talent which I have had since my first words as a kid.

Maybe Jim needs to eat less of raw meat!

Anyways back to the topic. This month here started challenge here that anyone can join. Challenge is to try to survive this month without eating any meat. The purpose of it is ofcourse to reduce pollution, so global warming thing. But I also view this as healthy thing. Especially after hearing how much average person consumes meat per day and a year. Which was I-N-S-A-N-E. I hope my hearing let me down, because it's madness to eat so much and no wonder if so many people are overweight! Since it also gave a clue of our huge portionsizes. We should eat 1/3th of how much we eat.

This challenge opened my eyes of my eating habits, thought I'm not even participating in it. Now that ofcourse raises a question why I'm even writing about this then. Because I challenge you all to check your plate, what do you eat! How much do you consume? Is it too much? What's your daily meals consisting of? This is a great way to make a change in your diet to more healthier life. BUT in my opinion as meatless month but reduced meat month. Unless you are this type of person that needs to shock yourself by going fully 0 meat to be able to cut down meat consumption.

So lets get to details or should I say numbers. When challenge was announced it was also told that average person eat 78 kg a year. That doesn't much in a way. If we think that we eat in a year as much as we weight. But unfortunately that's 6,5 kg a month, 1,6 kg a week, 232 grams A DAY. Weekly we should consume 300-500grams. So we are pretty much eating a lot more meat than needed.

So I went throught my diet. I kept track of my eating to see how I'm doing and overally is my diet healthy. I did get enough of everything in my diet so no wonder this has been so easy for me to stick to this. I ate how my body told me, in other words what I felt like eating. No restrictions, no light or reduced fat/sugar products(ewwwwww). My breakfast always happened to be yogurth with fruits or boiled eggs or omlett and coffee or tea. Snacks and lunch I have at work so its oatmeal and fruits or just fruits, sometimes tuna with rye bread. At home I snack on nuts and raisins if I still felt like snacking. I drink tea at work and at home. At home in the evening I have cup of milk or soymilk with dinner. Usually dinner is a salad or wok. But if I feel like having spring rolls or lasagne or salmon pasta, I'll have it. To not make this post just talk, heres few meal pics.

Rare breakfast as I never have bread or cheese at home. :p

Worklunch with blueberry vanilla oatmeal muffin.

Lunch at work. 

Dinner chickensalad.

Dinner tuna sandwich. 

Dinner at parents. First pic ratatouille, second has potato, mayo and nuggets with ketchup. Not my usual dinner. 

So my eating has quite low amount of meat and I'm doing great. Afterall I stand on my legs whole day and run 1h a day. I consume around 300gr a week. Yearly I consume 14,5-19kg. So that's why I didn't feel like I need to reduce my meathabits. 

How about you? Any thoughts about meatless month? :)

Btw: autumn smells like fresh banana :/ I might been eating too much of bananas...