Tuesday, 26 January 2010

<.< !@!%& >.>

Ugh, I hate mornings. x) I'm too lazy to do anything and it takes around an hour to get ready to go to school or work and I still manage to be LATE! Also I'm pissed off because I start to think about stuff I don't want to. Maybe because I saw something in my dream or it just came to mind again. What's most annoying?? I'm unable to eat! I feel sick before going to sleep and I still feel the same illness when I wake up. I believe that all that illness is caused by thinking about next day. I can't stand going to work or school. Both remind me everyday that I should apply to another place.

Yes, there is a picture of a towel next to the text. So now we got the great part. NEVER MIX WHITE LAUNDRY WITH BLUE ONES! Well it's actually pretty blue, I like it. It's just a reminder for everyone.
Also there's a lot to do lately, so we'll see when I'm able to write again something. =]

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