Thursday, 7 January 2010

hair dye....

This morning I haven't really been satisfied with anything. Everything just annoys the crap out of me.. I see a car and it really makes me scream from frustration or anger or just anything. I don't really like mornings when I wake up too early or haven't really been able to sleep well.. I have some kind of insomnia bothering me..
Anyway one thing actually made me really angry. Has anyone ever wondered when you buy hair dye you get hair conditioner that actually is better than the ones you use usually. Why can't they sell those?? I hardly ever find anything good for my hair since my hair is picky....
Ugh I'll probably fail school. I have no motivation and every morning feels like I just wanna give up. I don't wanna learn anything, I don't wanna see anyone. I just wanna do what like to do at home. Work isn't as bad as school. Sure I hate some people there but atleast I have fun and I'm forced to listen to some boring stuff that makes me even more tired than I was when I woke up..
I have wanted to change school for ages.. I guess it's just a dream that never comes true. Something always happens so I won't be able to change. First I wasn't able to get any needed papers for it. Next year they lost my application and found it too late. What will happen this year?? Honestly, I don't even want to know. sigh... I want to go to that school really badly. I want to start doing what I enjoy doing. I have loved designing and doing all sort of crafts all my life. I don't want to know how this world works or what cells can do! I don't care!!! I would rather watch grass grow for months than study something like that..
Now I'm really hungry. Probably thanks to thinking about grass growing. Yey eating salads and stuff rocks!!! NOT. Just that I have fridge full of veggies and fruits so no other choice..

NB: I was actually about to write about that hair dye thingy but I ended up complaining! Whoo good job, Captain! You sure know how to go off topic..

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