Monday, 4 October 2010

Ghostly week & 2 weeks of soups+smoothies+fruits with Kim Kardashian

Honestly, I feel like i'm a ghost now. I feel like everyting happens around me but I'm unable to join all that activity. So this is a perfect time to try to eat more food that are mostly liquid.
For next about 2 weeks I'll be eating like this:
- breakfast: oatmeal or whole wheat cereals
- snack: banana
- lunch: soup
- snack: apple
- snack: orange
- dinner: smoothie(it's sugar free. just fruits+milk)

Why 2 snacks in a row? Because it's all I can eat at work.
Also I just got myself Kim Kardashian's Fit in your jeans by friday so I'll be doing that as new workout.

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