Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wow WoW!

Bah I hate admitting that I play WoW and definately I'm addicted a bit. Actually everytime I'm playing a char that I haven't used for awhile gets me addicted. I wanna learn more to play with that char. Except my feral druid. She sucks. Too low hp and never enough mana heal myself. But she is still so low lvl that's why she still sucks and she is tank. I can only do dungeons with her. So yea I finally reached to the gear I wanted for my main on my favourite realm so now I'm levelling my priest. That's why I don't write here much. Every moment I spend at home, I'm collecting ores and just enjoying my priest.
So why I enjoy playing Wow? Well why not? I know really awsome people there. I have there some really good friends. Whenever I need something, they help me. Whenever I start levelling new char, I'm offered a free teleport to dala so I can get fast anywhere I want, not to mention they will teleport me anytime to any place anyway. If I find locked box, I always have someone to open me the box. If I have to suffer horrible group in dungeons and thanks to them I can't complete quests. On those moment I have whole friendlist offering a boost just so I can complete the quests.
I have tried quitting WoW many times, but never succeed. Always returned because of missing the company I have in there. If I would have to call them my "family". They're awsome and most nicest people ever. No, i'm not meeting them irl but I don't wanna miss a moment without them. It's soo fun do bg's with priest who knows how to play and definately takes care that you won't die! As he always says: I don't leave friends in trouble. Neither would I. Cheers mate! And not to forget my /lick-er, he is awsome too! He never complains about my random spams! Thanks for your patiency with me. =D
Also I love improving my skills in WoW. Nothing is mroe fun than getting better everyday. Not to forget those enjoyable moments of OWNING someone who is a bragger. Oh it's sooo much fun!^^ I can honestly say that WoW isn't as good as it used to be but I have enough reasons to play it all the time. I write when I feel like so no worries. And about the deleted texts, I had my reasons for that too. x)
I wouldn't recommend anyone to play WoW. You will either get addicted to game or the players you play with. But if you have harmful addiction like drugs or alcohol then yea try WoW then. Just limit a bit that playing. (yea, like I know how to limit my playing)

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