Monday, 9 August 2010

Mission Impossible - Weight loss

"Until you become fit and healthy, you really have NO IDEA what you're really missing in life." - random board post

Losing weight sounds impossible. If you need to lose a lot of weight, then first few kg's you lose really fast and easily. But after that, no matter how much you exercise, it seems like you don't lose anything anymore!! That's when you might stop exercising and stop eating healthy( I would rather say disgusting) food. You will lose control like that and probably gain more weight. Anyways I thought about writing some important things that have helped me during weightloss. Here we go:
- Portion control... If something is delicious, I often overeat. I actually started gaining weight because by every meal I ate a bit more than before. I didn't notice it till now. It's soo easy to gain weight by just eating a bit more. There's many ways to control how much you eat! There's food trackers around the net and the one that I use is Fist-size. I eat 4-6 times a day. So eating everyday about fistful of food is enough for me to get full.
- Water!! Water, water, water and water. This is really important. Because your body needs water. You need water for your skin, for being hydrated enough and to feel better. I hated water. Now it's important to me. Being without water makes me feel ill. So you can first start drinking 1L of water a day, then 1,5L and eventually 2L or more. Drinking over 2L of water won't harm you. Don't worry. It's only good for you. Also it makes me feel more full, so overeating isn't easy anymore.
- Healthy food. Vegetables and fruits are your best friends! Why? Well they are low on calories but it takes more calories to burn them! 15 calorie vegetable takes 150 calories to burn!! Also over time you don't want to eat burgers and all that. You will love the taste of healthy food!
- Some say that cheat day helps them but for me it ruins all. If I eat one day all I want then I will make the next day like that aswell. Or I'll just eat all those goodies 10 times more than I'm allowed. Also fully eating only what's healthy didn't help me. So I came up with method to control myself. For example salmon with chickpeas. I hate chickpeas. Eww eww eww!! But salmon I love! So I eat something I like and something I don't but it's healthy. And I try to always eat healthy food that I like. I love chocolate but I forced myself to choose from milk chocolate very dark chocolate. I had to try many many dark chocolates till I found few that aren't actually that bad. Also I changed my yoghurts to No fat-ones, which don't taste that bad when youre used to eating those and are pretty good. Most important thing is that if you keep eating healthy foods, finally you don't want to eat pizzas and all that junk. I felt one day like eating pizza and when I bought one, it was a disappointment to me. I thought the pizza would have been a heavily good, but no. It was tasteless and greasy. I would have rather had chicken salad. Sure in some special occasions I eat greasy food. But after that for whole week I want to eat only soups and salads. Btw I was unable to change my milk to low fat one. I just find low fat milk disgusting and I won't be drinking low fat milk ever.
- Exercise everyday. Every little moment you spend on exercising helps you out. First you exercise 5 minutes, then 10, then 15 and the list goes on. Also if you exercise everyday even a little, it will become a habit. So you won't give up so easily later. And don't forget that exercising makes you feel like you have more energy and you won't be so easily feeling tired.
- Find an exercise you would love. I actually recommend trying everything first. I tried running (and I hate it!), walking (not bad but gets boring and feels like waste of time), badminton (ahhh I like it but you need someone with you to play it!), dancing (love it, but I don't like having audience), weightlifting (love it), HIIT's (love it!), biking (love it! You can do it while on your way to work. First it took me 1h++ to bike 12km, nowadays only 40 min!!), swimming (I love it, but I find pools very dirty places) and I tried different cardio videos that are found on internet, but didn't really find those fun. The more you like what youre up to more likely you stick to exercising. But unfortunately I have to recomment doing strenght training few times a week, remember to have a rest day between strenght trainings. Because you have to allow your muscles to have some rest or else they will hurt and might hurt yourself really badly. Strenght training is important part of keeping yourself fit. Don't forget it.
- Be harsh to yourself. I have infront my eyes continuesly letter written by myself that if I even dare to think about giving up, I will ruin all that I worked on. Actually exact text is this:
Remember if you give up one day, the next day it will be a lot harder to get back where you left off! The more active you get, the better you will look and the better you will feel!
“Since it’s the habit that matters, I can work out tomorrow; today’s not a big deal by itself.” I finally got it right in my head that EVERY day, including today, matters. If I don’t find time today to push myself, then I won’t tomorrow or the next day either.”
And that text helps, since it really makes me think. Because I'm not using my brain when I'm wanting to give up. I'm just being lazy at those moments.
- Rather check your measures than weight. Check once a month all your measure and you will go nuts of joy! Check your scales and you will get depressed :P (happened to me, now scales are covered with dust).
- Most important one is to learn to accept yourself. Even if you lose your weight, you maybe aren't glad with your face or butt or breasts. So you should accept yourself and love as you are. If you don't love yourself now, you won't love yourself when you lose weight. For me losing weight will return my self-confidence. My butt will always be bigger than it should be and my breasts will always be in my opinion too small. But that's something that cannot be changed. Certain clothes can make me look like I want to. Some shirts make breasts look better and some skirts make my butt look smaller. Thank god we have this awesome clothes!!!!!! Hopefully this will help you out in losing weight.

And I also have weightloss secrets, that I might share! ;)

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