Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I'm back!

I closed all my blog due some stupid visitors. I dislike spreading my pictures without my permission and since my pictures ended in place where only idiots spend their days, I had to close access to blogs.
Hopefully they have forgot me by now and I can continue boring everyone who ends up here with my boring stories :)
A little bit of what has happened during blogs being closed:
- Injured my legs and back. No cure for it yet( I don't consider painkillers a cure). Which basically means that my walking far from normal walking. And it's also a real pain in the ....! I can't stand straight, neither walk while having back straight. That causes my back to hurt and my legs can't hold my weight at all. I can walk for 2 min normally and suddenly start to walk like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Yey, it's soo great -.- The pain might have started from quitting all of a sudden hardcore working out since muscles were used to it and when you quit just like that, they will protest. I doubt it's that but you never know.
- Studies cause a lot of stress, depression, raging etc. I'm like mad cow at the moment. It's not only because of studies, but I feel like all I'm doing right now is useless and I'm just wasting my time. Yeah, I'm probably wrong and currently fighting against that feeling :D
- Changing school/moving abroad. That's something I want to do at the moment really badly but I can't. I hate my current school for being so useless to me. What will I ever do with Swedish language? Nothing. I have never used it thought at my work they hired only people who were able to speak swedish. Also even if it was usable language, I always prefer english or russia. With those 2 languages I can express a lot more my thoughts and feelings. My swedish is and will always be like really boring and empty. I can't be creative with that language. Why abroad? Well I think this country sucks and is plain boring. I don't enjoy myself here.
- Joining a gym. I have always thought that joining a gym is a waste of money, yet at the moment I'm considering joining the most expensive gym in this city. Why on earth I'm doing that? Well, I'm too busy right now to spend 20 minutes to my workouts at home. Because when I come home, the time flies here. I think if I spend my money on something like gym, I will be there everyday so my money won't go to waste. If I go there, I might spend time doing something useful and I won't feel like: life sucks, I'm soo emo :D I got about 6 hours a day to myself but at home I don't find that time at all. So I will force myself to gym so I won't waste it at home on something useless. Why most expensive gym? Because it doesn't have so many people going there and I have only heard good things about it. I don't like places, where's too much people. What's the best part of that gym? Mostly rich people go there which means there's mostly old people! I prefer old people as my workout partners since they are nice ;D

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