Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Pain+stress=no proper eating

I noticed that when the pains first time appeared my eating turned from 5 times a day to if I need to. 5 times a day is the one for you if you workout a lot or want to lose weight. If I need to, is one that I don't recommend to anyone. One day I might eat one apple, next day lots of chocolate and some days I have been only drinking milk and haven't even touched anything that could be considered a food!
When I'm sick, I usually don't feel like eating at all. So I will eat when I feel like which is of course really far from proper eating. This week I have decided to get back on track. I won't eat 5 times a day but my goal is 3 times a day and it must be healthy. My fridge has in it gabbage, carrots, milk, curds and pineapple. Well bread is ok too! But not daily. I love eating toasts with gabbage! It's like the best of all! Overally I love toasts and sandwiches!
Btw all post suggestions are welcomed :)

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