Saturday, 26 January 2013

It's gonna whole second Hiroshima here soon

I really really tried my best to clean this place while being busy with work all the time and still trying to spend time with family and doing my best that Jimmy is happy. Well now that I got 1 week left till we are moving with boyfriend. Yeah he is actually willing to move in despite he knows that my apartment looks like a dumpster because when I can't find something I just throw all to floor and then just let it be there because I hate cleaning. I love living in clean enviroment, but I hate cleaning.
This one day, I was like this is it I will today clean a lot! But after like 5mins of cleaning, I felt dizzy and I had to lie down and tadah I fell asleep! Yeah even my body is against cleaning! So I woke up about 4hrs later and then it was already 10pm so I was like: I can't clean that late, neighbours gonna complain about the noise. So yeah that day I didn't clean. Suprised? I'm not.
I'm really sure that when bf gets here he will faint and when he gets back up, he will faint again. This place is disaster. And I'm not even gonna show. So HA! have fun imaging. Your imagination can't even get close to it. So now I informed that I'm still alive aaaaaaaaaaand I hope my bf will be alive too. I hope!

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Almie said...

Good luck with the move!

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