Saturday, 5 October 2013

Yummy Friday

Nothing beats a friday that has sushi, chocolate, smoothie, daim cake and a good movie(thought I fell asleep in 15mins of starting movie, not movie's fault!!!). 

Yup I'm on stright diet. :p Well last night I decided that when I again feel like having something fast and easy I'll just stop by at next doors Rice Garden and grab a sushi. Way healthier, easier and a lot more delicious than grabbing pack of chips, pizza or a hot dog! I was amazed how cheap Rice Garden was and their sushi was really good! Definately recommending it. 

I guess I have never told that I just looooooove sushi. I never been really into Mcdonalds, Pizza hut and such. But sushi I love madly. It tastes way better. And talk about variety of your dish! It's a plate of pleasure on each bite and it fills your belly after eating just few. Miso soups is also really delicious! 

As a coke glasses collector I must admit that  I loyally went to Mcdonalds for every glass and ate a big meal. It was disgusting, so horrible. I remembered it was bad, but didn't remember it was THAT bad! It had awkward extra taste, which I still haven't figured out. Probably something in their sauce or mayo? All you could taste was just grease. Everything was so tasteless. When I took bite I couldn't taste the beef or lettuce, not even cheese! And I think my tastebuds work just fine. Fries were like crispy greasesticks. 

I guess it's because when you mostly just eat veggies, fruits and your daily fat comes from nuts, yogurth, fried eggs etc, you just stop liking taste of fried fat. It will disgust you as your body is adapted to different food. 

Oh and that smooothie was sooooo delicious! I so wanna get myself a blender so I can start making smoothies! So can't wait! Deliciouuuuus! 

"But I wanted to watch friends! :'("

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