Saturday, 5 October 2013

If this is a dream...

Jimmy is such a dreamer. 

Let this be a slight reality check on things that must be taken care off by the end of this year. Kind of a checklist on things that I can't fail at for sake of my sanity. Nah I won't go crazy but will be rly saaad if I won't succeed. So completing this will keep me happy! :p 

- Eat healthy with occasion guilty pleasures.

- Workout every day. 

- Keep Jim healthy, happy and fit.

- Sell clothes you don't use anymore abd I got a lot of them due losing weight. 

- Keep your family and boyfriend happy. 

- Visit grandma more. 

- Finish apartments interior. 

- Have fun at work. 

- More baking, cooking and sewing. 

- Smile and enjoy every day. 

I got so many things to do that affect my happiness. 

Evil plum has also some sort of plans!

My apartment isn't fully ready due renovation, missing shelves, breaking mirror etc. Being there just makes me feel tired. Things arent my way so I'm nonstop thinking how to solve or fasten it up. 

Skipping jog in the morning, I'll be grumpy whole rest of the day. Also it will make me worry if skipping will become a habit. 

Losing weight caused me to have lots of loose clothes. I got from medium to extra small. Many jeans are way too big, some look fine with belt. So I got insane job on trying on all and selling them. I see no reason in just throwing them away. 

So this list will work to me as reminder so  no more excuses! :p

What makes you happy? Is there things you avoid doing thought you know you should do it? 

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