Friday, 4 November 2011

Craving for sweets?

I thought I could share a great idea how to satisfy your need of sweets.
Usually craving for sweets occurs when your diet is unhealthy! Atleast that's the reason for me. So I'll share the tips incase this might help someone else.

1. Of course nr.1 tip has always been to get rid of all sweets, but when youre sweettooth like me, that isn't going to stop you! Even if it's stormy day and I ran out of sweets, I'll go to store no matter how impossible the journey would be! Usually I'll just make the puppy eyes to fiance and he will give me his sweets. It works everytime!! But not everyone has fiance who stores a huge amount of sweets or fiance at all.

2. Avoid the sweets in store or go to store right after your meal. Avoiding the sweets doesn't help me at all. And going to store after meal works only if I had healthy meal before it. If I had pizza before going to store, I'll gonna buy lots of sweets!

3. Brush your teeth when craving for sweets or have a gum. Brushing the teeth hasn't helped. No matter how bad the candies have tasted after brushing teeth, I have been still eating sweets. Chewing a gum for awhile has helped. But it isn't healthy to consume 20 gums just because you can't control your sweettooth any other way.

4. Replacing sweets with fruits. This would be a great tip if it worked. It just caused me to eat sweets and fruits.

5. Consuming less or eating slow. Consuming less is not an option to me. But if you consume constantly less you should over time get used to consuming less. Eating slow has never been my thing. I'll swallow chocolate bars as whole. Having little bites would only mean to mean having little bites faster. Maybe I just can't enjoy my sweets?

6. Change sweet chocolates to dark chocolate. For some people this has helped. For me this had no other effect that now I own lots of unopened dark chocolate bars. 70% dark chocolate just doesn't seem to fill my craving for sweets.

7. Eating healthy or small frequent meals(every 3-4h). This has certainly been the best tip ever. Especially doing both of those! Healthy food makes you feel full and frequent meals make sure that your blood sugar doesn't get too low! Also no skipping meals!!!

8. Replace sweets with healthy versions. This is nearly same with replacing sweets with fruits. But for me this works a lot better. Baking some sweets pies myself is great way to make sure your pie doesn't have too much sugar or fat in it! And putting some extra fiber into it makes it more delicious and more satisfying. Also sometimes I make pan-fried bananas. Just frying bananas on pan, makes them a lot sweeter and it is healthier than eating candies. No need to add sugar. Just add some cinnamon and it is divine! It's even still healthy if you add a little of vanilla ice cream with it! Or something I have loved a lot from childhood: semolina porridge made in juice! It's so delicious. My mom and grandma have always made it as a dessert(or why not for breakfast) and it is divine! I can add recipe if anyone is interested. It is easy to make and it's good replacement for sweet. Also eating halva, corn porridge or nougat satisfies my craving. Overally adding a little bit jam into your porridge makes it sweeter and safisfies craving for sweets.
Also for me helps drinking a cup of soy milk a day or few cups of herbal teas(especially mint tea). I have heard that drinking a lot of water reduces the sweet craving, but never tried it myself.

Say NO to artificial sweeteners or diet soda's(and those low-fat products). Those things are bad! Also don't try my tip that I didn't include into the list for it's unhealthyness. I sometimes buy huge packet of chocolate and eated all in one day. Then for next whole week, seeing sweets makes me feel ill. And don't follow a tip that makes you unhappy. Like for me eating 70% dark chocolate wasn't my thing at all. So instead I started to make more often semolina porridge. And now instead graving for chocolate I actually I'm craving for more of semolina porridge!

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