Thursday, 27 September 2012

Its been heard already before

Suprisingly I have managed to vanish again. But my life has been through huge changes. Massive changes. Years lasting relationship ended, found someone unbelievably perfect for me, bought own apartment, got a job in a fashion store, got promoted, lost weight, reached my target size, got for me and my bf a dog from pound, apartment had a renovation and also despite having so much happening lately, I'm really happy with all. Yes renovation and bills been driving me nuts but I'm easy to drive nuts with such things. I'm happy with my job eventhought I do complain often. But I always complain cause things can always get better! Right?

Years lasting relationships ending wasn't actually that horrible as I thought it would have been. I imagined it as worse tragedy ever but it wasn't. To be honest it was a relief. Because I wasn't happy in it anymore and I think we both didn't care for each other anymore but stayed together because we had gotten used to being with each other after so many years. Oh boy was that a mistake? We just argued daily and both felt like another person didn't appreciate other and both of us kinda already wanted out. I'm sure he felt that way too. Atleast according to having a profile on dating site. We had fought about that many times but eventually I got tired of having to fight because of that because he didn't go out with anyone or talk anything suspicious with girls there, just that in his opinion it was ok to do so cause I have male friends and cause he ain't basically doing anything wrong. I again find having profile on dating site while being with engaged and living together with someone just disrespectful and rude. Oh and not telling that he is seeing someone... But who cares about that? Just wanted to get that out so in case someone is in same situation, DONT HESITATE, RUN! GET OUT OF IT NOW! Because it only gets worse and harder. Trust me. 4 yrs of being not interested in ur fiance and fighting daily over pointless stuff ain't good.
This new guy, we share so much incommon and yet we are so different. But unlike to earlier guy, this guy isn't giving me the attitude that we're equal so he doesn't have to spoil me with flowers and gifts etc. Yes we're equal but still doing something nice for loved one just to make her/him smile is important. Also we have same way of thinking so I don't have to fight daily about meaningless stuff. Also our fights are more like "fine, whatever, stop that, sorry" so even those fights are way more nicer, because he apologises, he ain't making it worse by mocking, he tries to end them and doesn't feed my anger. No I'm not that horrible as it may sound. I just HAVE TO end the fight right away and yes I apologise too but ex never apologised and made the fight way worse than it was before by mocking and not listening/talking about it. I'm really happy now honestly and not only cause it's fresh relationship but cause I feel loved and understood.
Own apartment. I never thought I'll do that but unfortunately that seemed as an only solution for me. I knew there were renovations coming soon but I loved the apartment. Location amazing, rooms have great space and I HAVE WALK-IN CLOSET!!!(which is already full! But im not only one that has stuff in there! Our doggy occupied 2/3 of the floor with his doggy food.) I have a lovely balcony. Yeah I love balcony. Without it I don't think apartment is cozy. Nothing beats sitting there every morning eating breakfast while birds are singing and spending evenings watching sunrise and drinking tea. That's such a pleasure. I LOVE IT!
My job is amazing. I can actually decide when I wanna work and how much. I can't decide much but atleast a little. Also it's a women fashion store, how cool is that? I love clothes and I love customerservice jobs and this is the finest customerservice job ever. I get to talk to people, help them and make them smile. Best part is that this ain't some rush all the time and force people to buy. No not at all. I get to talk with them without rushing and actually make the whole place seem like cozy store, where you get best service ever. You can decide if you need help, you can request for something special, you can leave without buying anything and I won't be staring you down. I mean I love stores like that. I hate nothing more than stores where salesperson is stalking you or then some HUGE mall so once you buy something, you know that other 12000 people are wearing it too and you can see the same cloth on street on other people. It's kinda depressing.
Doggy will get his own post and so will the weight loss part. I don't want to make this deadly long and I intend to make short post of what's up.....

Ps: We're moving in with my bf! Hurray!!

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