Sunday, 30 September 2012

Stress and happiness

We all know that mood affects our eating. For me honestly when I'm depressed, I start eating like a pig. When I'm sad I eat sweets. When I'm happy I eat a lot but only in company. Well share with friend or whoever I am with and it can a little or huge portion. Alone I tend to forget to eat when happy.
So how to deal with this?
I tried actually having certain times when to eat and tried to control portions. No use. My brain works too much based on my emotions. So I guess only way is to have someone else take care of u during that.
Lately I have been eating a lot less than usually and it resulted a weightloss of 2 sizes. But it's not healthy to eat less. Especially amount of food i had been eating... Cause it was barely nothing.
Luckily I been living at parents during renovations so it has helped me to stay still healthy cause family makes me eat. If I were alone at my own home, I would probably eat one sandwich as breakfast and then as dinner a bit of soup or so. Cause during day there wouldn't be foods waiting for me and when being tired due work, you really can't be bothered with cooking. Atleast I can't be. My only thought then is melt into couch.
But eating less is harmful for your body. Really harmful. So once I'm back home, I'll preparing meals for my whole day in the morning so when I come back from work, I only have to heat them up. Trust making meals in the morning is the easiest way. I always wake up 3hrs before going to work and after having cup of coffee or tea or chocolate milk, you feel finally alive and you could easily cook ur lunch and dinner then.
As snacks I would always take some fruit or yogurth or an egg. Cause theyre easy to just grab and go. Doesn't need any cooking and you don't have to carry empty lunchbox with you back home(yeah cause that empty lunchbox just weights INSANELY!!!).
So daily eating looks like this:
Breakfast: sandwich(rye bread, a bit butter, cheese/ham/slice of turkey or chicken and then tomato/cucumber or something else), oatmeal(make different oatmeals or change water to milk or juice(change juices) or cereals(I'm a kid, I love chocolate cereals, I fight with my 7yrs old brother who gets more of chocopops!).
Lunch: I'm usually at this time at work so its either oatmeal if I bothered to do it or a fruit or yogurth.
2x snacks: Both at work so either both are fruits or 1 is cereal bar if I want something sweet that day.
Dinner: Some decent dinner. Mashed potatoes and salmon cooked in oven or some wok or spaghetti and bolognese or tortillas etc.
Night snack: yeah usually after dinner you shouldn't eat but I can't help it. I have to get a yogurth or sandwich or tea with a pie etc. And it isn't basically night snack cause I spend 3 hrs after eating it infront of tv or doing something else. And if I won't eat it, my morning starts with huge pains of being so hungry or I wake up middle of the night due the pains and needing to eat which is even worse option.

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