Sunday, 21 October 2012

Move in with crazy

No no no I don't mean my boyfriend. I mean myself as crazy. Apartment looks like dumpster, like it exploded here......... It's huge mess. It will require days, weeks, months and lots of people to clean this. Everytime I get something I find some kind of problem that I have to solve before moving to next pile of mess. I really do wish I'm not only person on the world with this problem. Am I?
So I know I promised posts about another things but move in is getting closer and apartment looks horrible. My man will flee when he enters apartment. Bye bye relationship! I'm honestly not kidding. This is disaster. All those itsy bitsy things that I couldn't bother to find place for, found their place in my bed. So half of my bed is pile of small things. I got bathroom things in livingroom just because it's still open what will happen to bathroom. I'm unhappy with bathroom. It feels like its a lot smaller after renovation. Maybe it's just me but mom noticed same thing...
So anyways now I got few projects that need to be done before I can clean this mess. My curtains were too small for these windows but I want to use those curtains cause a) Got them from grandma b) Some are my all time favourites c) They fit perfectly my furnitures and other things d) It's a waste to buy new ones just because earlier ones are too small especially when I can sew.

Project nr 1: Kitchen curtains.
I got from grandma those cute kitchen curtains. Theyre green and white with pictures on it and ruffle edge.
Well unfortunately theyre not enough to cover the window and well look somehow incomplete. I went to many stores and fleamarkets to find matching green but I only found few shades brighter for 1€ on fleamarket. That was the closest of all shades and I spend 6hours in stores!!!
I got extra fabric that was supposed to be used as tiny curtain for my walk-in-closet but since I found some other curtain for it so then I thought this could suit kitchen. It's yellow with greenish flowers. Yes green, yellow and white in kitchen might not be good idea right?
But I love that yellow fabric so much! I want to use it so badly!!
So now gotta figure out what I'm going to do. Will I use that green fabric to make curtains to kitchen or make yellow a curtain and use green to make matching ruffle bottom as the grandma's curtains have?

Project nr 2: Living room curtains.
Grandma gave me her BEAUTIFUL brownish grey curtains with creamy white flowers. I love those curtains! But same problem as with kitchen. My windows are way too wide. Matching curtains is impossible to find... Trust me I have been searching for such over half a year and searched through any possible place. So this one day I found on fleamarket pretty old style pink curtains. They got same fabric as grandmas given curtain and I love grey pink combination. It makes grey a bit less dark and pink calmer. But sure we can't get away with this without any extra problems! :) I excitedly took all those 4 pink curtains and paid for them, went happily home because I just hit the jackpot, straight away started putting them onto window and what do you know? 2 of the pink curtains are perfect of their size and another 2 are squares(WHY????) soooo I have to UNsquare them and make them match with the rest. But how to do that without any harm?

Project nr 3: Apron
I decided I need one or else..... I don't know, I'll guess I just remain messy then. I was thinking about making apron from that green fabric I got for kitchen curtains. I want my apron to be with ruffles and cute!

Project nr 4: Spare mattress
When I bought my bed, I bought first small mattress because I thought I won't find good bigger mattress with decent price anytime soon. Oh well after buying that within 4 days of that I found bigger one being sold with 60% discount!!! Ofcourse then I had them both. Now it's just time when I notice that having that spare one around the apartment without good place to store is getting annoying as its always on your way and it ain't really pretty enough to be on seeable place... So I thought I'll just put it under bed but there it will get dusty. So what to do? Well I thought I'll get some fabric that won't mind getting dusty (as in easy to clean off). I went through many stores and eventually I bought shower curtain and ill sew a "bag" off it to my spare mattress. Then it can be under bed without any problems!

Project nr 5: Walk-in-closet disaster
One of my clothes rails fell off the wall due earlier apartments owner totally screwing up the attaching to a wall...I have never seen so big uneven and weird shaped holes for so small screws. So need new clothes rails.....and I'm no good in things like this..

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