Thursday, 1 November 2012


I really don't get myself. I'm at work everyday 7hrs and once I get out of the work I feel like I don't have time to do absolutely anything! Thought I do a lot of things, such as go out to eat or sew something for friends or work. But when it comes to cleaning or blogging I sort of have no time to do those. I really need to reorganize my daily schedule. But it's thursday so it means that tomorrow is friday(wow really??) soo then I got no work on weekend so I might have to do everything such as clean the apartment! But I know what will happen. This happens every day off I got: I wake up extremly late (around 14-16) then I spend time with friends or family and return home at 22 then I'm too tired to do anything. Oh well maybe this weekend will be different. Got lots of posts to finish for blog! Gotta rush to work now thought! :)

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