Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Like I said: cleaning = mission impossible.

I did manage to somehow make my apartment decent looking yesterday but today returning from work was such a shocker...

Infamous Jim, a insane sock loving dog, decided to carry all my socks into bed. That's not just a few but whole drawer emptied... Ok so since socks weren't enough, he also decided to take all my legwarmers so whole box of legwarmers has been emptied into bed.....Oh well so since that was done and mommy was still at work, Jim decided that heyyyyy why not take all the shoes into bed too!!! So I came back home, found massive pile of things on bed and Jim looking at me like: "Heyyyyyyy you are back! I'm so glad that you are back! Oh....... by the way that wasn't me. Nope definately not me. I don't know what happened to bed."

So my conclusion is that having clean apartment seems like a distant dream. Whenever I get it cleaned, Jim messes it up again....

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