Sunday, 23 December 2012


Who is the luckiest person like EVER???!! ME!!!!!
So let's get to that.
I have been working a lot, I have had insomnia for past week, I have been late to work (boss angry, no wonder), phone not working properly, tired, pains, cold. And hey since that wasn't enough my pc been laggy as hell lately and I have had flu now that I got most work ever and no one can replace me! :) YEY!!
Nothing is more fun than 9 hrs at work trying to smile and talk to people while your throat feels like you are swallowing million knives and head feels like balloon full of goo and your nose keeps running like waterfall. I LOVE IT!!!
Also I didn't make to stores I needed to go to before Xmas as they always closed doors right when I got there. :) My perfect luck!
So now gotta go to sleep as I got only 3 hrs to sleep before having to go to work because my pc was too laggy to let me get work finished. So this has been day full of yelling and 15min works extended to 45mins or more... Hurrf*ckingray!

I'll try to post few posts tomorrow before work, I doubt I can make it because I have to bake before leaving home and I got only 2,5hrs to do so :)

So incase there won't be any posts then I wish you all a

Merry f*cking Christmas! I hope you all have a great time!

I know I won't! Tired, sick and no bf here :) Not to mention I can't stand Xmas.....

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