Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I can't wait to go back

I went to Ukrainia to visit my relatives about 2 years or more ago. It was really pleasant to meet them for first time ever! I got such heartwarming welcome from my relatives there and I loved how Ukrainia looked. I visited Kiev for 2 days and rest of the time I spend with relatives either at their village or nearby city. So just to show you guys that I haven't stopped from blogging, I'm making this post as today I really feel like missing going back there. I have had now few busy days so I didn't have time to take new pictures like I originally planned and because today I was looking at pictures from Ukraine trip, I decided that I might aswell share these then! :)

Food there was great, people were nice and there was so many nice things that I would gladly take home with me! Especially I loved that so full of life marketplace! Markerplaces here are deadly boring. Lack the same amazing exciting feeling.

We spend 2 days in Kiev because that's where our plane arrived. So we spend there a day and then went by train to relatives and on our way back we went back to Kiev for a day! Whole traintrip was during night and I loved it! I love old trains!<3 I'm really mad for old trains.

In this lovely "Old mill" we had amazing meals <3 Totally recommend to anyone who walks by!

Helloo there beautiful<3 Love that train! There's one poor doggy running on trainstation! :/

All buildings there were so beautiful<3

Mom told me that it's still that same boat on which she was as a kid! How amazing is that?

View from that boat

View onto lake or whatever it was from a hill.

"Love Island", it had something to do with couples and love, which I no longer remember :/ Welcome early dementia!

You can't say it isn't pretty place<3

DUCKS! I love ducks!!<3

Sweet sweet memories.


And let's finish this with spooky train's hallway during night ;P 

I hope to go back there some day! I really want to return. Such a lovely place.

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