Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Because I love Tabata's workouts, Gymboss has promised to make it easier for me. And everything that makes working out easier is worth to buy. Including workout clothes, timers, dumbbells, anything you think you need to make it easier. I just ordered pedometer and Gymboss, because I found finally pedometer that I like and company that sells Gymboss in my country! Yey! You guys just made smile! For 23€ I think Gymboss isn't expensive. It should arrive in few days and then I shall share everything about it with you guys!! :) So hopefully it will be soon!
Gymboss is really easy to use and I find it useful! It's tiny and simple. Just the way I like electronic stuff! I hate phones that have camera and all that useless stuff. It makes my phone laggy!
I love my gymboss! :) It helps me out a lot! I need it every day and I don't want to exercise without it. Constantly counting time myself or using phone was just pain in the bum! Sure there's timer on the net but I like exercising outside. So watch out everyone, there's one fitness crazy outside :) Boo! My workouts gather a lot of people around me. Mainly because of the intensity which is pretty funny that people like to watch the workout and think: Wow she is really fit. Silly people, I'm not that fit! Just tiny bit of practice and everyone can do the same! Mainly because I'm not dedicated only to HIIT's. I also bellydance, overally dancing belongs to my heart, Weight training, fighting and many more! If I would only do exercises that improve my whole body to be able to do more during intense workouts, then I would have been WAYYYY BETTER :D

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