Thursday, 26 August 2010


Can't wait to finally get it!!!! Yes, I have been checking my mailbox twice today!! I would have checked a lot more if it weren't so suspicious/embarrassing. AND tadah it arrived!!!!
So first thing I have to say to everyone who is about to get their first pedometer, Look for a good one! Rather pay more than buy thousand bad ones or what's even worse: Trust a one that doesn't count right.
I had a cheap one that claimed that I have walked 300 steps, when I actually was standing in one small tiny spot reading the manual. That made me angry.
So I bought 5 times more expensive one. Sorry grandma, I know you bought the first one to make me feel happy. But it ain't your fault that it doesn't work properly. I think the thought behind it was really sweet and love you for being such lovingly caring sweet person :) Yes, for just being yourself!! <3 data-blogger-escaped-span="span" style="color: #ffff33;">
Edit: Been using it now for some time, atleast at school I was with it. And my result is 2.10km and 3147 steps and 104 calories lost(5.8g). This is pathetic result. And I thought I have been moving a lot more nowadays. :/ 0 aerobic steps, which should be that 12000-15000. After work it said that I have walked 5573 steps. Which ain't much aswell. But I didn't have one lesson at school and I was picked up after work. So if all that wouldn't happened I would have walked 8000 steps, I think.
Oh well on weekend I'll do aerobic 15000 steps with fiance or mom and then I'll tell you guys how much time it took me etc.
But now I got a challenge to all of you! Everyone who reads this and owns pedometer, go out and then comment me how many steps you walked and how long it did take you. :) Hope to get some comments and some people to walk ;) You comment many times, ask me something, everything is welcomed. :)

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