Friday, 27 August 2010

Water Diet

I'm currently on water diet. Which doesn't mean that one day of week I will only drink water and not eat at all. NEVER! That is really harmful for my body and I will never ever do that.
My friend is on sort of water diet. Every monday she drinks only water and nothing else. Luckily it's only once a week. Yes she lost weight but she would have lost a lot more if she worked out a bit more, 5 meals a day and consumes all her body needs.
But if you really want to do that diet then do it once a month MAX. Or else your body will suffer. You won't get all the nutrients that your body needs. And that's bad. I'll try to find more specific information what happens if you go on water diet. I remember a bit about it but not much. So before saying something that might be wrong, I have to do a little search :)
Water diet for me basically means consuming way more water. I will try to add 10 more cup in my day because I think I'm not consuming enough. So during a day I will be drinking about 18 cups = about 4L (correct me if I'm wrong). I usually drink 6-8 cups but I want to be able to drink more. Hardest part about this is to remember to drink the extra water and getting used to it. Today I did drink about 14 cups. Not enough, but slowly getting there! =)
Mine water diet works on idea that if I drink lots of water before eating, I feel full more easily. So you will eat less = weight loss!

(mine is harmless, do that one rather and it guarantees that you lose weight if you follow it correctly^^)

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