Saturday, 28 August 2010

Walking as weight loss workout

Yes I had to make a new post about walking. I went off topic on my pedometer post. So in this one I will let you know about the todays walk. Which of course was 15000 steps continues walk, just as I promised. Let's admit it. I did first think that this is workout that really out of shape people would do. A sissy workout. I have been a walker in my opinion for a long long time. Actually when I was a under 16 yrs old, I kept myself fit by walking everyday to every place. Why? Well I had time back then!! I will add a picture that will proof that I did the 15000 step walk!
I did overally do 16114 steps, 15998 were aerobic steps(continual movement, I didn't stop or take breaks!). According to pedometer walking 15998 aerobic steps took me 139 minutes(for lazy ones: 2h 19 min). I lost 515 kcal(so that's my breakfast and snack!!! sandwich with cheese, turkey meat and iceberg salad+banana+nuts= 508kcal, it might be less than that since I think I always add extra's on my calculator), which is 44.3g. I did walk 10.79km, insane ehh??

5000 steps! Great start for healthier life! (also great as additional workout)
Breathing started to get heavier. Not much but it felt like this might really help somebody to lose weight. I would recommend to set this as your goal if youre a first timer. I was suprised how long it took for me to get to 5000 steps!! Of course if after 5000 steps youre able to walk more, then go ahead!

10000 steps! To keep you fit and healthy! (reduces also chronic disease risk)
This is a part when I really started to feel that my body is working hard. Breathing was heavier, this time enough heavy to call it a workout. I started sweating a bit!! This should be your next goal.

15000 steps! You will lose weight!This part was funny. I was breathing hard and people probably thought that I'm some kind of weirdo. My face was probably red like a tomato, that's how it felt! my skin felt really warm! Not to forget that my walking became clumsy. I sometimes forgot to raise my feet high enough! I really felt tired aswell. 12000-15000 steps are recommended to walk to lose weight. So this is your goal after 10000 steps.

I guess I looked a bit like a fool since I didn't want to go to areas were I haven't been so I was walking in same park about 5 times. But I did definately find a beautiful place near the park. It had a beautiful view to the sea and city! So it was worth to walk there. I recommend atleast try walking as a workout or do it on weekends. It's relaxing and you can enjoy the enviroment. While walking you could listen to the music or chat with your friend. That really helps you to keep on walking. You won't even notice that youre working out!! You don't have to own pedometer to walk enough. 2h 30min walk gets you close to 15000 steps definately. So you only need a watch! Unfortunately as a student, who also goes to work, I don't have time for walking. Only on some weekends. But when I get my school done or quit my job then I will certainly start walking!

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