Saturday, 4 September 2010

Breakfast, this time it's not oatmeal!

Trying eat so that my body now gets all the nutrients it needs to heal itself properly. If you like tuna, this first one is delicious. :)
But remember that you are able to change the taste of your oatmeal with many many ways. Add some fruits(or berries), nuts, muesli, fruit soup(kissel) and many more. Fruits can be sliced, grated or dried. Canned or fresh fruit.
Or instead of water use milk or juice or the juice of canned fruit. I have used even coffee and hot chocolate.
I have seen recipes of salty oatmeals but I find that disgusting. Exception is of course buckwheat with meat. That's just something I have been since I was a kid.
Also a cinnamon or honey or cocoa powder can make the oatmeal taste different. Combining different fruits and berries. Apple and lingonberry or banana/pineapple and raspberry are delicious combination!
Also the taste of oatmeal is different depending of how youre making it. In microwave it's not very good. So try it in oven!
Or do your oatmeal with yogurth and just don't warm it up. So then you can use different yogurths to make it taste different. As you can see there's sooo many ways how to make your oatmeal taste different, when you start getting bored with the current taste.
Over time I will probably post here more all kind of things you can eat for breakfast. So here's my breakfast ideas:

Tuna Sandwich (and other sandwiches)
- rye bread
- tuna
- spinach (lots of it) / garlic
- cheese
- parsley

Add slices of fruit to yogurth. I had 3 tbsp of yogurth and 1 whole pear. Also for more protein you can add cottage cheese.

Fruit Salad
I think everyone knows how you can make yourself fruit salad. Or have a bowl of different berries. :) Tiny tip to get more protein: add some cottage cheese!

For this one you only need milk, fruits or berries and oatflakes. Add all the ingredients into blender. You got yourself healthy and tasty smoothie!

Make one yourself and it will be delicious! :)

Hard boiled egg
On a rye bread. Yummy! Also you can add any veggie you like with it. Or eat the egg as it is.

Yes, I really did list this one here. And the reason is that with right ingredients, you can make even pancakes a healthier version. I might even add a recipe for healthier pancakes a bit later.

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