Thursday, 23 September 2010

My shopping list / How I eat.

Well I thought this would be helpful for some people who are trying to lose weight or start healthier life! =) And yes it doesn't mean I don't eat sweets! I love sweets!! Even now I have toffee icecream in my fridge ;) I have ate it now twice and more and I haven't ate half of it yet! Before losing weight and healthy eating, I would have ate whole ice cream in half an hour. Now I would just love to eat salad, just sometimes I feel like eating sweets and I think I could eat whole ice cream but it usually gets old before I finish it! :(
I eat 3 times a day from a bowl which is 13cm(diameter) 6cm(depth). If it's soup or salad or oatmeal, it's usually full. Sweets are a bit over the half. 2 times a day I eat some fruit with yogurth or hard boiled egg. So that's how much I eat! Yes it sounds a little but the food I eat makes me feel full! :) My daily eating sounds like this: morning - oatmeal snack - apple lunch - soup snack - apple dinner - salad. Sometimes I eat 6 times, then I eat a fruit. Also variety is very important! Don't eat the same food every day!

What should I buy or How my shopping list should look like?

- Lots of veggies!
My most used looks like this: cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, iceberg salad.
- Spice it up!
I use mostly: garlic!! and of course oregano, spinach.
- Lots of fruits!
I usually buy apple(they can last even a month without even looking old!) and orange(lot's of c-vitamin and fiber) and pears.
- Lots of berries!
I usually buy strawberries 1kg but sometimes mixture of berries. =)
- Braaaaains!! Oh sorry I meant beans.
Peas and beans are awsome! Chick beans, kidney beans etc.
- Something is fishy here!
Salmon or tuna are ones I mostly buy!
- Meat
I prefer chicken but sometimes turkey or beef.
- Milk
This one rocks!! Lots of protein and yummy =) Some foods taste better with milk.
- Oatmeal
Tasty and healthy breakfast.
- Variety of nuts
Healthy snacks. Also you can add these to soo many things!
(- Rice or potato or quinoa or yogurth or olive oil or coconut milk
This isn't necessary but it's nice to have some variety in your meals.)

And that's it!
So let's think what you can do with all that.
Veggies, spice up's and beans make a great salad. You can eat just salad or add fishy or meat to it! There's then 3 salads! Meat salad, fish salad and just salad.
Berries and fruits = fruit salad or fast healthy snack or add some yogurth to those and you got yourself a dessert. Also add berries to your oatmeal and Voila yummy oatmeal. You can also make yourself orange juice, there's no juice in the world that beats home made juices!
Drink cup of milk with meals and you got yourself enough protein! ^^ Or do as I do! I love to eat strawberries with milk!
Also you can make soup of veggies, beans and meat or fishy. Soups are easy to make. Believe me! Forget the hard recipies if they are really hard for you, just add water and cook all veggies and meat in it!
Sure you can add a tiny bit of something that isn't listed here but these are mainly all you need! But I recommed buying dark chocolate(70%+) than milk chocolate. Try different dark chocolates to find your favourite ones! =) But try to avoid other sweets.
Fruits and berries aren't sweet enough for you as they are? Well how about cut the apple, pear or orange a half then add some raisins, coconut flakes, honey or powdered sugar. Anything you can come up! Orange is ready to eat like that but pear and apple I would put in oven for a bit. I will write down the recipe here some day. But you can comment me to do so faster if you really want to use the recipe as soon as possible :)

How to get variety with this buying list?
Easily! Just buy different berries, different fish, different meat, different veggies etc. Also you can use same meat but if you have different salad with it, it is different meal then ;) You can add a tiny bit of sauce or coconut milk or olive oil!

Do all your meals yourself, don't ever buy ready meals. Why? Because then all that is in the salad is added by you! I bought salad from a shop. Salad wasn't as tasty as the ones I make myself and it had some disgusting oil in it!! So my TASTY salad was also fat free. Why waste more money on ready sh*t!?

Also remember to go to shop when you are full. I just ate my icecream and while I was shopping I felt ill of seeing sweets :D And what's most important: Never leave home without shopping list. Don't buy anything that isn't listed. You will avoid buying unnecessary sweets or something that isn't healthy!

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