Saturday, 11 September 2010

Huge baking shopping day.

Actually today I was planning to just buy new jeans but then I remembered that I don't have all needed baking ingredients to start next week baking. I did get new jeans(11€) and corset-alike(5€).
Tomorrow or today I will bake Sunlefse(translated it and it sounds horrible). It's like bread and it's yellowish orange. I have recipe for 2 pieces but I will make 10. Hope I have enough of milk. It can also be coconut milk or soy milk or anything like that. Takes about 30-40 min to get those done. Well let's hope they will be delicious. =)
So today I bought:
- 0.35 kg of sesame seeds for 3,50€ (man, this stuff is expensive!)
- 0.46 kg of sunflower seeds for 2,30€
- Some kind of new super milk, which I will use for sunlefses. 1,40€
- 1kg of frozen strawberries 3,80€ (hmm, wonder why students don't want to eat healthy food!!!)
- Baking chocolate 2€
- Honey 3,30€
- Bread flour 1,25€
- Canola oil 1,85€
- Vanilla sugar 1,40€
- Raisins 0,60€
- Molasses sugar 1,50€
- Maple syrup 4,85€
- Yeast 2,20€
- Nuts and raisins 1€
- Coconut flakes 0,90€
- Baking powder 0,75€
- Powdered sugar 1,15€
- Rye flour 0,80€
- Brans with lots of fiber 1,25€
- Carrots 0,95€

So as you can see it's really expensive here to get all needed ingredients. Oh well, girl got to do what girl got to do. Sure it's expensive but I rather eat delicious food than spend my money on alcohol which is total waste. So see you later! :)

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