Thursday, 23 September 2010


I don't know why so many hate this shop or have negative thoughts of products sold there. First of all those products sold in Lidl usually win in all kind of taste tests. Or get atleast second place. So what's wrong? Do cheap prices scare you away and make you think that it must be something disgusting then? Oh camoon! Food doesn't have to be expensive to be delicious, clothes don't have to cost dozens to be TOP quality.... People use your brains! That's why we have brains! Why you believe what other people say?
To be honest I think it's best shop ever. Great quality clothes/other random stuff, good food with great variety and everything is AFFORDABLE and worth the price. Honestly, I don't get the hate of Lidl. First time I went to Lidl was in Germany, when I was living in Germany. I mean it was popular shop there! But here it has bad reputation. No matter how often it is proven that it is cheaper and wins 90% of taste tests. Are you people blind? Don't ever say that something is disgusting or bad without trying! I can't come up with any product there that isn't good.
Sushi I bought from Lidl was way better than the ones I have had in restaurants and it was cheaper. Okay, well some products do taste a lot different from what locals here are used to. But if 1 yogurth out of 10 tastes bad in your opinion, then it still doesn't mean ALL products are bad. If they sell that yogurth there, then probably many people love it's unique taste. Sure the yogurth is a lot different from what you can get from other shops. But mostly all the products there have more real taste than those fake chemicals that you can find in other shops. For example strawberry yogurth I bought from other shop was way more expensive and it didn't have pieces of strawberry and the taste was boring?, barely tasted the strawberry and it was watery. Lidl's strawberry yogurth was cheaper, had bits of strawberry and the creamy strawberry taste was de-li-cious!
Also I love that Lidl brings variety into my month every 2 weeks. Like now we have France theme. Cooked escargot in garlic butter, ratatouille, croissants, crémé brûlée, nougat and many more. Yummy yummy!!! I would have bought everything but I can't :( But they also bring twice a week new random stuff, like clothes and shelves and DIY's etc. Yesterday I bought from another shop 2 baguette's. They were now on sale so they were instead of 2€'s 1.50. But from Lidl with 1€ you get 2 baguette's that are way more better. Why can't you enjoy the great deal? Cheap great stuff available right infront of your nose and you still are against it? Pfff, stupidity. I would really love to buy food only from Lidl's unfortunately, it's located in a bad place.
Also you can get all you need from Lidl, there's no reason to go to any other shop. I really recommend everyone to buy stuff from there. You really save lots of money and enjoy real good food. If you don't have one in your country, try your local cheap shop. It might suprise you, if not then you atleast know the truth of it.
Lidl's clothes are often claimed to be low quality, but people, my hobby and future job will be sewing and clothes designing. I know about fabrics and sewing a lot. Because I love it. It's my passion, even more than dancing. I have always dreamed of becoming designer. I used to sew clothes for my barbie's, so don't come to me with your bullsh*t. Those are TOP quality clothes. I buy from there clothes that I even wouldn't use so often, but it's really cheap and the quality is great so who cares if I use those once a half year. Those clothes are superior. For once try any of Lidl's sportwear and you will notice that it is even way better. My old expensive pants from some sportshop don't have nearly as much great things as these Lidl's ones. Why waste 50€(on sale price) on a label if you can get for 10€ way better ones? I don't believe that Better Label=Better Quality Because it doesn't go like that. Even If I buy clothes that are made by some wellknown label, still I buy it because I have carefully checked that it is properly made and worth the price.
This is enough for today's complaining. Hopefully some people really start thinking with their own brains...

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