Friday, 10 September 2010

Busy day or is it?

I noticed that if I don't do my daily chores as I have planned, then everything just gets messy. I will do my workouts really late, eating whenever I feel like and overally nothing gets done as it should. Unfortunately some days I really have hard times to follow my schedule.
Well anyways I got great news. I was thinking a lot today about what should I eat at work for the next week. Because I decided that my meals weren't healthy enough.
I have been eating expensive muesli bars that for some weird reason are no longer the same. For some really stupid unknown reason all my favourite cheaper muesli bars have now been covered with chocolate! Eww! Why?? The chocolate is horrible(atleast in my opinion) and it just tastes horrible now!! So now muesli bars with pears are filled with disgustingly sweet white chocolate.. So thank you very much for ruining it!!! :( I don't really need the extra sugar. I liked the bars for having the real taste of the fruit in them.
So I guess I will soon start baking and replacing food that I would usually buy from shop. I will share the recipies with you guys, once I have tried them all myself first. :) I will have recipe about how to make muesli yourself, muesli bars, salads, sandwiches etc. All of those are tasty(should be) and healthy variation and of course easy to take to work with you! ^^

But first of all, I would need a tiny help from you guys out there. What goes well with apple? As I need some more ideas for one of the recipe. All ideas are welcomed! =)

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Anonymous said...

I think u should try Cinnamomum! It's some kickass stuff with apples.

Nietzu said...

Not a bad idea, but I hope you did mean adding the whole tree ;)

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