Thursday, 30 September 2010

I want all those old goodies back!!

I noticed that when I go to shop, all I see is just same companies names. In supermarket you see only about 15 different companies. I mean PLEASE, stop it! Those companies make all sort of stuff. Milk, yogurths, cheese etc. And it's making me feel sick! The same typical taste can be noticed in foods that same company makes. And what's most annoying is that there's no variety at all! Lots of different foods, but all have the same taste.
Oh I miss the days when I could buy soda nearly any taste I could come up with. Now it's only lime, cola, lemon(doesn't taste like it's lemon), orange and few more. But I remember from my childhood buying strawberry, pineapple, lemon, mixed fruits, cherry and apple soda. And WOW, the taste! I mean it was real juice that they used. Now it's just full of artificial taste that is just tasteless. Sure I can taste tiny tiny bit of lemon, but it doesn't taste real.
I really would like to have all those small companies take over these big money hungry companies. Prices are high because there's no little companies trying to compete against the big ones. And the prices are way too high! Coca-Cola, woah the old taste. The current taste just sucks big time. It's missing something. I loved Coca-Cola, now I just hate it. Coca-Cola light used to be tasty as well. Now it's just disgusting.
Also what's with the sugar-free, fat-free and low-calorie food? Seriously stop it, RIGHT NOW!
Sugar-free? Eww, that new horrible taste. They replace sugar with something that is way more harmful than sugar actually. If you use too much sugar, just use it less! You like drinking soda? Sure, I like sweets aswell. But drink 1 soda not 10 during a day! Not the mention that the taste is worse than if they would have used sugar.
Fat-Free? Oh your body needs natural fat, just don't add lot's of butter on your bread, eat less meat etc. It's easy! Instead of eating that tasteless and unhealthy food(yes, removing fat means that they remove also other stuff that needs to be then replaced with artificial chemicals), eat real food with limits. Taste is horrible :(
Low-calorie? You should eat less! Not more with less calorie! It's not the calories harming you, but your size of plate!
Honestly, I would be soo happy if I would have more free time. I would bake my own bread, have a garden full of veggies or buy it from local farmers and I would do all my meals myself from the start(which I actually do!). I hate ready meals. Meals, where everything is done for you. Who knows what they added in it? And the taste is nothing close to home-made delicious food. Sure you can read what they added. But I know soo many people who don't read the information of a product.
I want good old days back. I'll just be here, waiting, knowing it won't happen. But girl can have a dream. I know it would happen if people would ditch their current shopping list and change it to more chemical-free list. But our busy lives don't allow us more time to bake our own bread. Pff excuses! I have been sitting on my butt for hours now. I could have spend 20 min of it to make delicious dough and bake my own bread. I just don't want to eat bread now. Shame! Because then you would have seen my pretty pwetty bread and fallen in love with it and maybe started baking yourself aswell! ^^

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