Friday, 2 November 2012

A little fix to the H&M kids sections complain +WEEKEND!!!

I just want to clarify that I got nothing against kids having pretty clothes or anything like that. It's just that I WANT THOSE TOO!! Yeah I can fit into those and I have nothing against adult person using kids clothes aslong as they fit u but it's just that........ I don't know if I can ever go to work wearing same clothes as the kids that come into my store with their moms. It's just weird but I'm really close at ordering those clothes despite being lookalike with kids.
When it comes clothes, I think aslong you feel comfortable, confident and happy in it, wear it no matter what others think or say.
At work I go with that too. Even if something suits perfectly a customer but they don't feel like it's the one, I just tell them how I see it but I let them know that it has to feel right or else it's a waste. I don't want anyone to wear something that isn't making them feel good. I don't want them to pay for feeling bad. I want them to buy something that makes them feel amazing, confident and happy! Because we all have to do things that make us happy. We shouldn't do things that make us feel bad. I'm sorry but we have to be a bit selfish, not rude or douchy but we got only this one life so make it worth it.

Weekend! It's WEEKEND! WEEK-END! I don't have work tomorrow nor on sunday, yey! I do love my work but I want to spend more time with my loved ones at times. I do love my customers at work so it really doesn't feel like work! But back to weekend. Sooooooo I went to store to get myself something good for weekend. Everyone bought lots of alcohol and kids bought sweets for weekend. And what on earth I buy for my weekend?

Garlic sauce. Yes, sauce, garlic sauce.

Yes garlic.

I do love chocolate but garlic is heaven for me. I honestly love it so much. If u guys could only spend a week with me, you would eat sandwich with garlic, tuna salad with garlic sauce, chicken salad with garlic sauce, hot chicken wings with garlic, garlic bread and much more. I always have to have 2 bottles of garlic sauce and garlic powder in my kitchen. Or else I'm good as dead. I can't be without garlic. Garlic rye bread<3 OH GOD!<3 I just love it so so so much.
So vampires watch out! I smell like garlic probably from miles away.

ps. pics provided by google search, I'm lazy to take pictures of garlic and those are prettier and I felt like this post needed some weekend garlics. Thanks!

PSS. Overate garlic, feeling sickish. Some get drunk and really sickish due that, but no I do that with garlic..........

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