Sunday, 4 November 2012


I decided that if I intend to make more posts I really need to introduce you guys first someone special. As that someone is part of this blog aswell.

So here we go:

Age: 1,5 + yrs
Gender: Male
Breed: Not even slightest idea. He reminds so many different breeds.
Weight: 20kg
Looks: Mostly black with brownish shade, white big "spot" between neck and chest, white in the edge of snout(as he is my piggy) and paws got tiny bit of white edges.Has a fluffy tail and neck, pretty pointy wideish ears, fox like shape of head and silly "puppyfurs" on feet. Fur is thickish. Also often said that looks like a wolf and at times I think looks like a fox.
He came to me from Russia, abandoned dog. More about this later in other post. He came to me 27.6.2012.
Personality: Really loving, silly and cuddly. Loves to run, sigh, greeting everyone and poking everyone with his paw. Also enjoys making silly suprises. Jim is friendly towards other dogs but behaves cautiously, because had been attacked by other dogs when was living on the street.
Jim is now in really loving family. He is taken care of really well. So his health has been improved now. He is more active, skin and fur is healthier as well. Few times a week we together visit my parents house, so Jim gets lots of hugs from kids and treats from mom. Jim had first few troublesome behaviours but this been taken care of slowly. There's still some work to be done. Jim's shyness/not wanting to trust me has been taken care of and now I have earned his trust so he behaves the way he feels like everywhere. I mean that he isn't anymore being shy and trying to stay out of the way. Jim's fear of getting abandoned again has been fixed, he no longer fears staying at home, but when left infront of store, when you return he start barking madly. That's something were working on still. He was abandoned by tied to a tree. So that might be a reason why outdoors the fear is way stronger. First Jim refused to eat anything else but porridge and rice combined with meat. Note: doggy meats weren't okay. Now Jim gladly eats anything, even dry food that the pound never thought he will eat. Jim's still pulling madly with a leash outside, without it walks by your side. So we're still working on that.
Why I'm telling all that? We'll because despite him being troublesome at first, we worked with his problems and now he is happy and so are the owners aswell. I just can't understand why on earth someone was so heartless and abandoned him? He is such a sweet and loving dog, that his abandoning just makes no sense at all.
Tried to show his pretty snout but because Jim is quite active I had to put my palm gently underneath to reduces that constant moving, but that made him just look at me like: what have I done wrong?
Jim still spotted something more interesting elsewhere....
Running is so awesome, shame that mommy hates running. *MommyNote: I do still run a bit with him because he loves it so much! And I'm slowly trying to run more and more so in hope overtime it won't be anymore so annoying once I'm used to it*
I was told that the fur like that on feet is puppyfur, I think it looks so amazin and silly! It looks like he is always in such a high speed! :P And there's also those pretty white tips. Front right one has 4 toes covered, back right one 3 toes, left front one has 2 toes and last one has only 1!
Mommy, I'll just hide near your legs, there big scary other doggy!
That greyish spot on his snout between nose and eye is scar that he got from other dog when lived on the street.
Looks like howling but nope Jim's just sniffing the air. He does it really often. 
Waiting for mommy to get done with taking pictures of the park ahead of us...

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