Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Nelly's midseason sales picks

I actually was on time checking midseason sale but there wasn't any must-have's this time for me. Not like it bothers me as I prefer saving at the moment for no special reason. But anyways here's things I really liked at Nelly's midseason sales.

Meikit , Flipstick , Max Factor - NELLY.COM
Meikit , Flipstick , Max Factor - NELLY.COM
Max factor's Flipsticks!
Meikit , Flipstick , Max Factor - NELLY.COM
I really love those colors of lipsticks! Really pretty and natural-like <3

Juhlakengät , Estelle , Ella Shoes - NELLY.COM
Princess shoes<3
Farkut , Chili Bright Green Jeans , Sparkz - NELLY.COM
Love colorful pants<3
Juhlakengät , Zoey , Nelly Shoes - NELLY.COM
Basic nude shoes every girl needs<3

Arkikengät , Melon , Timeless - NELLY.COM
These just make me think about sailing, sailor inspired outfits(i love!) and walking near harbors or some other places involving boats and water. Love those<3

Housut & shortsit  , United Denim Hotpant , Only - NELLY.COM
Those shorts would be such a cute and different add to my current short collection which is mainly just basic simple one :/
Puserot , Sultan Cardigan , S'NOB DE NOBLESSE - NELLY.COM
Would so love to wear that with belt in the middle holding it together<3 For some reason I would love to wear it during windy summer day, just seems so perfect! I love that it's made of linen and viscose only! Love that!!!
Housut & shortsit  , Ultimate Low Kamela , Only - NELLY.COM
These paired with that above one<3 Pure love! There's also in mint color <3
Juhlamekot , Lace Bandeau Dress , Elise Ryan - NELLY.COM
Why I'm not suprised that I love a dress made by Elise Ryan? *cough  cough maybe because I got few from same label already* But this looks like a dress that I could do myself. 

Juhlamekot , Ringa Dress , 5 inch and up for nelly - NELLY.COM
I usually don't like dresses like this but this has some kind of soldier/warrior style that just makes my heart melt. This and gladiator style heels<3
Mekot , Daisy Godet Dress , Free People - NELLY.COM
Really pretty basic "little black dress". I love it! But already got alike dress. It's still perfect!
Puserot , Hands On Sweater , Nelly Trend - NELLY.COM
Lovely looking knit<3 But 100% acrylic... Kinda turn off :/
Takit , Scandalous Blazer , Nelly Trend - NELLY.COM
Leather blazer<3 Blazer and leather lover loves it!

Koko setti , Girl Mix Alot Brief Set , Calvin Klein - NELLY.COM
So cute!<3
Bikinit , Needs A Name Set , Wonderland - NELLY.COM
Love bikinis like that!<3
There's thought many dresses I liked but they were too short into my liking especially since I'm tall myself... :/
Like this one I would loved as maxi dress:

Paidat , Sanne Tunic , Kaffe - NELLY.COM
I know this is tunic but as maxi dress it would be so pretty<3
Juhlamekot , Gold Stud Pleated Dress , Rare London - NELLY.COMJuhlamekot , Carter Crystal Dress , Brose - NELLY.COM
And then I got tired of going throught another 10 pages(last ones). But here's enough favourites already :P

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