Saturday, 17 November 2012

Shopping day

Going to gym now for yoga and then going shopping to thrift stores as there's now all for 1 €! :) And hope to find lots of things to DIY<3

Especially searching for:

Red fleece (bought Jim cheap wintercoat and it's a bit short for him!)
Jeans (to make then golden!)
Golden belt or black belt with golden parts (to suit my new coat as it seems to miss something)
Sequin dress or skirt (to make dip dye sequin skirt!)
Wool sweater (to get wool skirt!<3)

Anything else nice I won't mind finding either<3. Sheer skirt, blazers, coats etc. Wish me good luck and great finds! :P

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Sarah said...

good luck with your shopping! there are so many things that i've been meaning to buy lately, but i haven't found the time to shop!!

thanks for your comment on my bloggers profile!

- sarah -

Nietzu said...

Thank you! :) Yeah I also got the same problem - never enough time to do things I want to do!

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