Thursday, 15 November 2012

The perfect side split

Just a side note: How lazy am I that I keep ordering from H&M online thought I got H&M on the way home? By the way why there's no option to pick up from nearby H&M store to save up in the postage fee's? Other stores offer that!!! Revealing what I got in the next post, it just suits better there.
Xmas presents arrived<3 One box for family girls and another for me :> Not telling yet what's for me<3 Ps: Yves Rocher should pay me for constant promoting and admiring they're products. I don't mind getting your new perfume for free *wink wink* (and I don't even like perfumes but that one was just so <3 LOVE IT!)

Morning started out well. I woke up facing Jimmy but then I decided that I'll just sleep for another few minutes(I had alarm set) but that was a mistake. I wake up LATE! As usual.....
So morning started with rushing. Well okay that's fine, it's nothing new for me.
Park in the fog<3
I didn't eat breakfast as I was in such a huge rush but I had at work then pear and greek yogurth with strawberries, yummy<3. And finally when my fridge starting to be empty I had a reason to fight back lazy me and go to store. I really hate going to grocery store because I always buy max 10 things and I get done with my grocery shopping withing 45 mins(10mins picking all, rest spend standing in line OH YEY!). So I keep avoiding going to store no matter how much I want to go store simply because I don't want to wait in line. Today I kept repeating to myself: no worries today you're 4th in this line and everyone has max 5 things so you're done with this within like 10mins so in total of 20 mins!
Ofcourse NOT!
I picked a line where the salesman was a first timer and OFCOURSE he had to get confused and do lots of mistakes etc and then tadah grocery shopping took 1h... GREAT! It was honestly like monkey was put to work there. Even customers knew better what to do... Oh well enough of that.
I just love fog!<3
Food is extremly expensive by the way! Going on hunger strike soon if the prices keep rising... 120e a month spend on food per person. That's insane amount!!! To think that I don't eat even a lot and I buy mostly cheap and only necessary stuff. Milk, cucumber, tomatoes, salad dressing and lettuce and I'm good for whole week and I got at home yogurths and fruits. I guess healthy eating is just expensive...
Also do I always have to be embarrassing myself?
Seems so....
I wish I had better cam or just newer so photos would look better....
I met neighbour in hallway and discussion went like this:

Neighbour: Hi
Me: Hey
Neighbour: By the way I live here (since we have never met before and I let him in)
Me: yesh

And then I just ran away. After 5 minutes I wondered what on earth was that? I just said yesh(why yesh?) and why ON EARTH I ran away? Maybe he wanted to say something but nope for no reason I just run away...
Foggy parks near home<3

Was that enough of embarrassment and awkwardness for one day? No way...

Love it<3
On my way back home I had to slip right next to bus stop full of ppl and my slip made me do perfect side split...... I just walked away like nothing UNUSUAL happened... After awhile I was laughing my butt off because I just imagined how it might have looked like. Someone just randomly walks nearby and then suddenly does side split and then walks away like that was totally normal thing to do.
Fog makes everything so mystical<3
I should take few pictures of what I got today but I'm so lazy at the moment. So here's a post of random event and random pics with it. So incase you don't care to read atleast you can watch pictures :P That's the way I read news!
Lonely wolfie
Looks like his head is just shadow
PS: bought myself early xmas present. Well actually like 4th xmas present for myself but it's because I'm unsure if I keep them or not and one I wanted for so so long time so it's kinda ok to get it before xmas!
Me so pretty<3

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Ana said...

Amazing photos ;)
Lots of kisses*

Nietzu said...

Thanks Ana for your comment! I wish I had better cam to have better pictures to show :) Lots of kisses to you too <3

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