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Christmas Presents(this time with gifts)

So continueing earlier post. Didn't want to make it extremly long, I just always tend to do extermly long ones even if I say that I'll just make short post. SIGH! One of my bad sides. Nobody's perfect :)
Caution: A bit lazy so copypaste is acceptable, pretty please?

So for my sister I got:

Zero Blemish Pore Refining Care

On their site it says: 
To tighten, open pores and conceal minor imperfections, entrust your skin to Zero Blemish Pore Refining Care. Your skin is smooth, flawless, your complexion is matt and beautiful. Use morning or night.

The Plus : Its non-oily, ultra-light texture leaves a velvety matt finish on the skin.
So the whole idea of non-oily, light texture cream that you can use anytime and leaves your skin matt sounds perfect. I hate shiny facial creams. I hate when you have to wait till cream "dries" or is just yuckily thick. And since I'm lazy lotion user, I never care to follow the night and day thing and it's just waste of space to have 2 separate creams for day and night. Atleast annoys me. Yeah like that 2 little jars gonna waste lots of space, but I can't stand space waste, big or small waste, it just mixes my nuggets! I love matt finish! My all time favourite creams got matt finish. And I know my sister will love this. If not then I don't mind getting it for myself.*innocent look*

- Note: I would have wanted to get her facial mask but we both are quite lazy mask users because it's time consuming(like this isn't? Oh logic why did you leave me?).

 Stop Blemish Lotion

On their site it says: 

4 in 1 action:
- Treats pimples and blackheads,
- Refines skin texture,
- Speeds skin healing,
- Mattifies skin for 8 hours thanks to its formula, enriched with regulating Scutellaria.

The Plus: Its oil-free, non-comedogenic formula leaves skin clear and healthy.
Paraben free formula.
 Yes another lotion. Well because I was thinking she could first use this one and then to maintain the better skin she could use the other one. Because this just seems more like curing and other seems maintaining. But she can use them both and see which one suits her better.

 For mom:

Hand Beauty Care Collection

On their site it says: 

* Cold Weather Balm Enriched with Shea

Dry, calloused, chapped: your hands are stressed out!
Formulated with protective Organic Arnica and reparative organic Shea Butter, the Cold Weather Balm Enriched with Shea is an expert beauty hand treatment that prevents skin from cracking, as it soothes and repairs dry, damaged hands due to cold weather or other external aggressions. 
 Long-Lasting Moisturizing Hand Cream
Just like your face, your hands are highly exposed. Protect them by moisturizing them all year long. Formulated with protective organic arnica, this cream cares for your hands:
- It instantly and lastingly moisturizes,
- It offers protection from external aggressions.
Your skin regains its supple softness. Paraben free
 It's cold weather during Christmas! I just want her hands to get better so I want her to try different products to find the one that helps.

Repair Balm Extra Dry Skin

On their site it says:

 This rich, creamy balm formula intensely nourishes and repairs very dry or damaged skin. Your skin is nourished and soothed – just like new.

I just hope this will work for her. It's different from other one so I got high hopes on one of them to work.

For grandma:

Super-Soft Body Lotion

On their site it says:

This Super-Soft Body Lotion moisturises your skin all day long and leaves it very soft. Its secret: shea butter and copra oil to nourish the skin and strengthen its natural suppleness, biological witch hazel extract to soft the skin. Its allergen-free fragrance respects sensitive skins.   

Well I just have met so many old people saying that skin gets so sensitive once their old, so I decided to search for body lotion for sensitive skin. Copra oil<3 Oh how yummy it sounds!<3 I would be sniffing grandma all day long. Maybe this wasn't such a good gift idea afterall....

Derma-Soothing Day Moisturizer

On their site it says:

Sensitive skin is beautiful and delicate skin, but it reacts to the slightest aggressions. It needs care to prevent the feeling of discomfort. 
Every day hydrate and soothe your sensitive skin. High tolerance Vegetal Sophorine formula developed in collaboration with dermatologists and clinically validated on sensitive skins. It soothes, hydrates and protects all day long. Reduces day by day feelings of tightness and overheating.

The plus: This day cream instantly soothes the skin.
I know her face is sensitive atleast when it comes to other creams. Skin gets irritated easily and eyes puffy. So I hope this one suits then and replaces the mud cream, which by the way changed it's ingredients so the mud ain't as nutrious anymore and the cream is "watery" and lost its effectivness. HOW ANNOYING IS THAT? Oh and price rose by 4 times..... Yes product made worse so lets make it a lot more expensive.

- Note: I am somehow blind because I can't seem to find night version of this? I would have got her both. Because mom and grandma are only people in this family who really want different cream for day and night. What a bunch of weirdoes.... :P

and for her hands also Cold Weather Balm Enriched with Shea same as mom gets. Grandma appreciates having cream for body, face and hands separatedly. 

Best part of this that here I picked up products suitable for people in different age group and different needs so I'll later tell what their opinion of those products once they have used them for awhile! :)
I been lately really into detox after trying detox pads, so I couldn't resist ordering myself detox set. Sigh.....Opinions on it coming later!

Have you already what presents you will get or have you already got them? Or are you that type of person who gets all presents on the very last moment? If you have already certain presents on your mind, I would be happy to hear what other people have decided to give :)

All products are from Yves Rocher.  

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