Friday, 9 November 2012

Quark with raspberry and banana

I personally don't like quark but it's healthy and not so bad when mixed with berries or fruits. So this one day I noticed I got banana that's going old in fridge and quark that was already old. I always tend to forget stuff in my fridge, like it's endless food storage that no matter how much you take out there's always still more. I don't throw food out. Old honey I still use as skin softener and old quark would have ended up as hair remedy. But it wasn't old! I opened it and well it seemed decent so that's when I risk it and eat it :p Call me crazy but that's just me. I always decide on what to eat or not just by looking and smelling. If it smells ok and looks ok, then I taste. Otherwise no. That's why I'm picky eater! :D

So for dessert bowlful of quark I added one whole banana and 2 tablespoons of raspberry jam(shame didn't have any fresh or even frozen....). And tadah tasty quark snack! Feel free to add more banana or raspberry.
It even looks tasty now! :P

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