Thursday, 1 November 2012

Oh H&M why you spoil kids so much?

I happened to find so dreamy new things at H&M's site and suprisingly all on kids section..... and I won't probably buy those because I'm unsure if I really want to buy more clothes because I think I already have "enough", well more than "enough". *cough cough whole apartment full of shoes and clothes*

So here they are:

This jacket is so so so so so so so CUTE! I just can't wait to get it and combine it with some rough outfit. Like black leather pants and black top with this<3 This would so soften up my outfit! I just love this one so much! When I saw this, I decided that I need this! I can't live without it! It's just so perfect!
Whats there to not love about this one? It's pink, it's golden, it has a rose, it has adorable leaf and it has a chain! Well okay to be honest I don't like the round shape and glitter(as I'm sure it will all fall off in no time) but this still stole my heart!

This is really pretty too thought...... This reminds me of some ice queen. This would be so perfect party bag. perfect for that. So beautiful<3

Teddy creamy fur and black leather<3 This is so cute! So amazing! I want this one so bad! I can't imagine a day without having this on! It's just so amazing! I love it so much and I don't even like vests!.
I so so so so love them both! <3 They're both so pretty! I can't even make my mind which one is a bit better. I love the hearts and chain<3 And the slight reminder of Chanel bag! :)
This is the MOST PERFECT SEQUIN DRESS I have EVER seen! This so damn cute and so lovely! It would make me feel like a princess<3 I LOVE IT!

Should I buy these or not?
I really want to but my bankaccount wouldn't like it.

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