Friday, 9 November 2012

Poor man's creamy broccoli soup

My mother used to make me broccoli-cauliflower creamy soup and whole family loved it. But because I couldn't afford to buy so much of the extra stuff and as a poor chef especially it would have gone to waste all that money I spend on ingredients. As I really tend to burn all or too much salt or something else....
So here's my poor man's version and in brackets bold are mom's ingredients or what she did differently.

fresh broccoli 500g (mine was already yellowish *cough cough*)
vegetable bouillon cube (1 was enough)
milk (approx 3 cups)
wheat flour (5 tbsp)
olive oil (2,5 tbsp) (can be replaced with canola oil so 5 tbsp of it then, or other way around)
canola oil (2,5tbsp)
(fresh cauliflower same amount as broccoli)
(cream suitable for cooking, single cream probably is good replacement? Makes the soup creamy. Mom adds this about 1 cup(1,5dl) and 2 cups of milk amount but taste the soup and add then according to your own taste )

Enough for 3-4 servings without a doubt. (for cauliflower and broccoli version add double of the rest ingredients aswell.)

1. Add whole broccoli(including stalk, just peeled off so used kinda only mid of it) (and cauliflower if you want to make the broccoli to not stand out so strongly) that is already cut into smaller pieces(not tiny, just a bit smaller) into boiling water where you already vegetable bouillon cube and a bit salt(1/2 tsp). I had water so much that it barely covered broccoli.
Barely covered in water broccoli.

2. Once broccoli (and cauliflower is soft) remove it from stove and let it cooldown a bit before making it into squash. (I didn't remove any of the water)

3. Put onto pan olive oil, canola oil and wheat flour and mix into paste. Then heat it up while you are making broccoli into squash. Also don't forget to mix the flour oil paste once awhile. (I tend to always burn smth up so just gotta make sure just incase....)
Broccoli squash
Oil and flour paste before heating
Oil and flour during heating.

4. Once your broccoli squash is ready put it back on stove. Add the oil wheat mix and mix it well. Now add milk (and cream) till it's lighter and mix it. I think at this point once you have added 2 cups of milk taste it and if it still has too strong broccoli taste add more milk. For me 3 cups was enough and it suits my taste this way. Add salt as much as you feel like it needs. After adding milk let it heat for about 5-10 mins and mix it once awhile because the flour thing really likes to get to the bottom....
This is why you need to keep on mixing... Or else it's chunky.
Ready to serve.

So this recipe is pretty much add this and that and taste and add more or stop there. But it's because we cook without any certain measurements. So sorry about that.
This is really easy to make and doesn't require much of ingredients! Honestly if I can succeed at this then anyone can! 

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! :) 

UPDATE: I was wondering why mom warned about too broccolish taste but for some reason I didn't have it. So I assume it's because my broccoli was already a bit yellowish so the taste anymore so strong!

Also just incase someone wonders why I say this is cheap meal then here's the reason.
1l milk costed me 0,70e
Broccoli 1e (on sale)
Rest ingredients I already had and they aren't expensive anyways aside from olive oil. And I didn't even use whole 1l milk and I bought milk for other purpose in the first place so whole meal costed me 1e and had 3 servings! :P

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love this blog... i follow you... do u follow my italian blog?

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Thank you! :) I did check your blogs and really liked the recipies you had!

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