Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Re-Introducing, More personalized blog/changes in blog

 I'm making quite a lot of changes to this blog so I think it's about time to introduce this blog again to readers... This time the changes stay!

Despite that I still got poll going on here (Please answer it, I would really appreciate it, it will help me improve my blog!) there's some changes I'll be making to the blog. I'll be making brief introduction of this blog to the right side, I'll make about me page and add a banner. Not sure about background color or other layout things yet because I really got no idea what colors to pick. Unfortunately.
I was thinking that white or light grey background and then red or wine red or black text? Ehh too hard decision to make! Someone with better idea, feel free to share! :) Would love to hear another view!
So here's brief update what's this blog is all about:
This is kind of my personal diary. And Jim's. I add here pics I take of my outfits, of my day, of Jim, of funny things or beautiful nature, so don't copy those without my permission. Feel free to ask me, I won't bite. Neither will Jim bite. This is place where I share my thoughts, experiences and everything I feel like sharing. I will share some of my sad and happy moments, depending on what I don't mind sharing. Some things I'll keep private such as family and boyfriend. They're out of this blog. I'll mention them but no pics and just brief mentioning. Jim is another thing. Family member but I doubt he minds participating here. I'll be sharing my outfits, my wishlist, my tips(weightloss, workout, diet etc), reviews of products(cosmetics mainly), my interior decoration tips/ideas/etc, my diy, my recipies, my gifts, my shoppings, my likes & dislikes, my complains(that's my daily hobby!) etc.
Jim will be participating by doing silly things, posing sillyishly in pictures and doing -as the pickiest stray dog ever- his own food reviews as mommy always buys different foods to find his favourites.
Afterall I been DIY-ing ever since and sewing is close to my heart as is also healthy life, animals, family and fashion. It makes me happy to get something done and owning somethind made by myself since it's unique and personal. Fashion is also one of my loves. Clothes, shoes and bags make me happy. Sorry I'm that much of girl!
I'm probably the worst chef ever but I'm trying my best. But in baking I'm pretty good! So sharing tasty recipies. Hopefully healthy ones too.
Health became big part of my life aside with weight loss because depression brought me 20+kgs and losing those has been a struggle. I have tried so many ways and I have given up so many times and I been seeking for motivation so so many times. It probably took me total 4 or more years to get back to healthy measures and being happier about myself. Stress and depression have left their marks in health so I keep on trying to live a healthy life just to get all the damage to the minium and stay as healthy as possible for rest of my life. I been in bad relationship which caused my depression aside with other things so not only physical health was bad.
Now my life goal is just to be happy. And this is kind of a journal of my journey for happiness. It's one bumpy ride thought. But I believe I can make it! Actually I just hope because I think I just got the worst and tacky misfortune. Sigh! But I won't let it bring me down! Well atleast not much.

So I welcome all who get accidently lost to my blog and don't be afraid to say hi! :) 

With love, Nietzu

Oh and also I might be late a bit with posts at times but but but I'm sooo busy! (read: lazy, but who of us isn't?) But I do intend to write atleast once every 2 days!:)
And don't forget to help me make this blog a better place by answering this little poll.

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