Friday, 2 November 2012

Christmas Presents

 *First I just wrote endlessly long text why I chose this as my gift bla bla offtopic as usual*

Last night I decided at 2 am(yeah I know I make no sense) that I want to order christmas gifts for my family already. I been always either making gifts or buying something the person has wanted or needs badly. Eventhought making gifts is really amazing thing to do, it's just that always I don't have time for that and this time I don't feel like theres anything I can do. By making I don't mean something complicated. It can be something really simple with bought gift. For example my bf is going to get a plushie that he will love a lot with engravable ID bracelet that has our initials as in I ❤ him. :P Plushie I'll be making myself. Or for example I know my family loves all sorts of bakings I make so I could bake them something in addition to other gifts. Making even something small adds more value to your gift.
This time I thought what would be something that could make my grandma, mom and sister happy? Well my sister has troublesome skin due teenage, mom has really troublesome dry hands this year and grandma is always happy to get more lotions. So since I had discount send from Yves Rocher and since I do no longer support any of the companies that make skincare products that aren't close to nature that was my choice to buy christmas presents from.
And by that close to nature I mean isn't mostly natural ingredients and isn't saving nature. No worries, I'm not some crazy obsessed with nature protecting nutcase. It's just that I have been working in company where I had to sell non-natural skincare products to customers and trust me, seeing their little progress of skin getting better, their frustration, money waste and hearing their complaints about skin irritations etc just changed my world. Also I kinda agree with something I was told once: Why put something on your skin that you wouldn't eat?
I decided to try for my skincare problem natural option. I had this really annoying skin crackling going on. My hands were really irritated and I had deep cut like wounds and nothing seemed to help. My hands were red, itchy and extremly painful. I couldn't sleep well and honestly doing something with my hands made me teary of pain, because even moving a little bit my finger, it felt like my skin was tearing apart. I had tried before many products from my work but not even slight change for better, only got worse. Some products irritated more, even so badly that it felt like insane burn so had to wash it off right away. Some had no effect at all. The natural one I chose was some cream that was really greasy and I read it's mostly just avocado oil. It smelled thought like sheep! But it wasn't like everyone could smell my sheepyness, it was just if you smelled your hands. But that worked! That really worked! No irritation and skin was way better in just few days!
For my mom this cream didn't work, thought she has same problem now. It might be that it doesn't suit her skin. Because afterall I was born in sheep year so sheep for a sheep works? But the point is that the most important is that she had also tried different creams and all were prescripted by doctor and none of those worked and some had caused irritation. My sheep cream didn't cause irritation and she kinda liked it since it removed the irritation and pain. It just didn't cure the cuts like it did to me. So I got my mom into natural products too because she just noticed how much better they work. For grandma I once bought pure olive oil creams and some cream made of mud AND she loved them both. Then I recommended my sister to try for her pimple problem natural option and no irritation, so that's one more fan to the natural skincare team.
I have myself been pretty pleased with Yves Rocher, because it's easy to order, decent pricing, a lot to choose from and I like it's thinking of nature. No this ain't ad for the company, I just wanted to tell my reasoning for gift choice.

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