Sunday, 4 November 2012

Changing living rooms lamp.

Decided to share a little thing how something as simple as changing earlier lamp to chandelier works here in this house.

As the only man in the house at the moment, Jim had to be on my way all the time. He jumped onto table too and leaned on me and mainly just tried to participate as much as possible. Well despite getting all that help(thanks Jim), changing a lamp took a bit more time than expected and also discovered its now hanging too low. At this point I spend wondering what should I do and Jim got bored of whole this process and sighed at me. Yes looked at me and sighed. Then he just lied down on couch like I should do all the brainwork. I said to Jim: "Hey it's not my fault that I'm not genius! And it's not like you are in much of a help for me. How about you solve this problem?" Jim sighed and left me alone with this problem. Thanks a lot!

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