Sunday, 4 November 2012

Winter and dry skin

Don't you just hate having dry skin during winter? I bet you do. Usually I just been lotioning a lot but I tend to forget to do that so it's then just a temporary help... This time I decided that this winter I'll try different tactic to fight back this damn drying winter!
I'm going to take every morning:
- Fish oil pills
- 2 tbsp coconut oil
- Before breakfast glassful of water with honey
- Taking water bottle to work because I don't drink water at all again.

Starting from today! Wish me luck that this will last, because only then I can report the results!  :P Oh and also having 1h walks(I intend to run atleast 30mins of it!) with Jim, so that fresh air will let me know pretty fast if my skin is too dry...

Note: Also waiting till my bf gets here so I can get enough sleep as now I stay up all nights talking to him and then early in the morning going to work.... I NEVER LEARN!! That's why he needs to be here. He can force me to go to sleep on time... I never grow up when it comes to that! I'm sure of it. Afterall working out and sleeping enough affects your skins health too. That's why it's beauty sleep... Oh well not everyone has brains. Especially me.

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